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there’s an angel on my shoulder, but a devil inside my head.

sense :: hearing // Kaskade – Angel on My Shoulder David was curious what I spent a lot of my time this weekend doing, and since I wrote my last entry while I was in the middle of if, I didn’t really wrap up what I’d been up to. In short, this was one of […]

when the rush comes

sense :: hearing // Metric – Gold Guns Girls Finally have a little downtime to relax. The birthday week is coming to a close, but like I said in my last post, I have every intention of making this a jubilee year, so I’m doing a little travel planning to see friends around the country. […]

a little bit of soul that makes you spin around, on and on

sense :: taste // pumpkin spice coffee So yesterday was my birthday. A pretty big one, too. I’m officially an adult, I suppose, now that there’s a 3 in front of my age, but to a certain extent I’m kind of excited about it. I have every intention, subliminal or not, to make this a […]

jewels cleaving skin

sense :: smell // wood smoke I was just thinking about writer’s block earlier today, and almost instantly while I was showering and getting myself together to head to the grocery store, words flew into my mind as if absolutely refuting the notion that I might possibly have writer’s block – well, literally refuting the […]

trouble is a friend of mine

sense :: sight // yellowing leaves Ah, autumn. I’ve struggled for years against my nature and tried to make summer and spring my favorite seasons. They never were: I tend to have seasonal allergies, so the spring has always been a rough season in any event, and considering the romantic stigma that comes for me […]