resolution progress, valentine’s day, and other things

Posted on Tuesday 14 February 2006

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Sorry for the short stint of absences; I’ve been werking a lot behind the scenes on some other projects that I said I was going to werk on at the beginning of the year. The Millennium Winter redesign is finished, as you can tell, and I made the Nova Netwerks homepage a little prettier. If you can’t tell I made a change, good-really the only folks who’ll notice are Mac users; it should look much much better for them.

Funny, these things have taken much less time than I thought they were going to; I was going to hold off on them all until after I had finished school in April because I thought they were going to take a really long period of time. The really strange thing is that I actually hate my job a little less when I have a personal pet project I can come to werk and busy myself with. Makes me feel like I have a sense of purpose; a project or task to actually work on that has an end in sight and requires logical thinking. I’ve always felt that way about web design, I suppose. Anyway, more announcements in the near future when I get everything up and running.

In other news; I saw these adjustable measuring spoons over at BoingBoing this morning. I think I need a pair. Badly. I know, I know, they’re $5.99 and $4.99 each, but they replace an entire set of measuring spoons!

From the tech world, Apple is giving everyone a Valentine’s Day gift and shipping Macbook Pros with upgraded processors. They quietly bumped the processor speeds, and everyone who preordered is getting the better processor for the same price. Isn’t that nice of them? Here’s the full story.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I stumbled on this list of gifts for your geekly girlfriend. A smidge of girly and a smidge of geek, all wrapped up in one. That being said, my beloved is a geek, and I think all of that might be a little too pink for her. Although I did get her some geeky gifts.

Also for Valentine’s Day, a heartwarming story about kisses and cell phones. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Just read it, it’s good.

2 Comments for 'resolution progress, valentine’s day, and other things'

    February 14, 2006 | 5:19 pm

    Those pink RAZR phones are gorgeous, and would be a lovely accessory for an all-black high-booted ensemble.

    February 15, 2006 | 12:06 pm

    i thought it was you that had a geeky girlfriend? i mean, i know you don’t mean me, i don’t have a geeky gf.


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