it snowed this morning

Posted on Wednesday 22 February 2006

sense :: hearing // Sonya Kitchell – Train

Imagine my surprise when we went downstairs this morning to find out it was snowing outside and had been for hours. Not enough or cold enough to cover the ground, really, but we did have to brush the wet stuff off of the car to head out for werk this morning. Funny that, and on the way in, the anchor on the radio said “little to no accumulation.” Yeah right, buddy.

So I was entertained this morning by GlobalRichList, which I’ve known was around but I never got around to mentioning it. Apparently I’m the 54,316,565 richest person on earth. Impressive! Given that I can feel good about how wealthy I am in comparison to the rest of the world, I think a charitable donation is order, yes? We have some stuff that needs to go to goodwill, I think.

And what can we do with all of that money? Well, order food at joints like Taco Bell or KFC, for example, using these ridiculous touchscreen ordering machines. Well, I suppose no one can flub up your order at the counter anymore, and you’ll never get overcharged or not get correct change back, but seriously. That’s kind of scary. I suppose I should be worried about the whole “removing all human interaction” thing, but I’m the guy who’ll wheel a cart full of groceries up to the self-checkout because one: I was a cashier once, I’m faster than most cashiers and I know it, and two: if I don’t HAVE to interact with someone, often I won’t. I don’t mind doing stuf myself, and then I don’t have to wait behind someone who nagging the poor cashier about the way they bagged their juice or who waited until the last minute to start writing their check. Yeah, I know, color me cynical.

Also, in homage to my recent discovery of the wonderfulness that is Firefly, I present to you, Big Damn Chefs, in honor of our Big Damn Heroes. The dishes sound lovely though, hook me up with some of Kaylee’s Hot Cheese Dip. Shame they don’t link the recipes, but they got a book to make, and I’d probably buy it when it hit shelves.

Finally, quialtards in lego.

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