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Posted on Monday 27 February 2006

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Every year around this time I remember the one year I totally skipped town on Spring Break and went to Miami for the Winter Music Conference and more specifically the huge, nearly 24-hour long beach party that took place smack in the middle of it. For nostalgia’s sake, the photos tell the tale. Ah Photowerks, what would I do without you? Anyway-looks like around the end of the this month I get a spring break week. Not entirely sure if I want it though, I’ll just be happy when this term is over and I’m out and graduated.

Well then, a trip to the past and another to the future. Let’s come back to the present, shall we?

Episode 6 of my favorite sitcom ever is available on the intarweb, The IT Crowd and I haven’t even watched the 5th episode yet! Seriously; if you’re into geek humor (and who isn’t) you really need to see this show.

So of course over at BoingBoing I saw this story about police in south Florida threatening and stonewalling people who wanted to file a complaint against an officer or in regard to an officer’s behavior; and the police departments that don’t have complaint forms (essentially to force the complainant to have to speak to another officer about their problem and not give them the option to file a paper complaint and start a paper trail against the officer) and it gave me chills, but reading the story and the transcript is nothing compared to watching the video of all of the encounters and hearing the language and demeanor first hand. I honestly can’t believe that one of those officers reached for his gun in the process of following the poor guy who asked about filing a complaint out of the station. Then he had the nerve to sue the network to stop them from airing the investigation. I’m amazed; it’s nonsense like that that makes it incredibly difficult to trust police, even though everyone has to know there are good police out there and they vastly outnumber the nutjobs like the ones in that video. I hope.

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