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Posted on Tuesday 14 March 2006

sense // sight :: Firefly

So we finished the DVDs of Firefly, and now I’m incredibly nervous to watch Serenity, because of the liberties I know they took with the series, and I’ve heard from hardcore Firefly fans that Serenity isn’t quite up to snuff with the standards they set in the universe, but then I’ve heard from other folks that they absolutely loved it. So who knows. I’ll let you know when I’ve watched it.

Ah, that’s right. Happy Pi Day!

In other news, taking the day off yesterday did a world of good for me. I seriously felt more alive after getting a few extra hours of sleep last night and tidying up around the house than after a full day of werk, but then again I suppose the same would be true for most people. It was definitely a nice day, but heading back into the office this morning kind of killed that good sentiment. Maybe I should get out of here for a long lunch.

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