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Posted on Friday 17 March 2006

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And I love Apple.

So if you haven’t heard by now, I’m soon to become the proud new owner of a beautiful baby MacBook Pro.

The story goes like this: I had speccd one out a while back and saved it in my “saved cart” over at the Apple Store and just kind of let it sit there. I know, I’m a dork, but sometimes I go and spec stuff out just for giggles and to see how much my dream machine would cost me. So I saved it in the “Saved Cart” feature, and forgot all about it. I was thinking on the way home from werk yesterday that I’d probably make the purchase next month at about this time, just to give me a ltitle more time to stew over it, but no sooner than I got home for the night with Raevyn in tow did my phone ring. I recognized the area code; they had called a couple of times before this week; the area code was from northern california, and since I didn’t know anyone there who had my phone number, I ignored it. This time though, Raevyn told me to go ahead and pick it up to see who’d been calling every night for the past week, so I did.

Lo and behold, it’s a sales rep from Apple named Sam (hi Sam!) who had called because he noticed the MacBook Pro in my saved cart and was curious what was holding me back from the purchase. I told him I was planning to buy it anyway, but it was a pretty big purchase and I was just thinking it over. He asked me what I’d be doing with the system and I told him it’d kind of be my portable workhorse and that I’d use it at home and at werk, and that’s when he dropped the bomb. He offered to take a chunk out of the cost if it’d encourage me to go ahead and complete the order.

Now I was planning on buying it anyway for full price, but suffice to say I couldn’t say no. He trimmed a tidy chunk off of the price, much to my delight, and my new baby should be shipping in a couple of weeks. Oh hells yeah.

In other news, lots of updates at Not So Humble and Gears and Widgets if you haven’t seen, including a sexy robot fish whose video I embedded into the page. I know, I know, the magic of YouTube makes it really really easy, but I was proud of myself.

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