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Posted on Tuesday 21 March 2006

sense :: hearing // Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring

I’m having the hardest time waiting for my MacBook Pro to ship. I mean man, it’s hard counting down those days, let me tell you. I really can’t wait.

On the way home from Pennsylvania, Raevyn and I listened to some recordings of that our friend Sean put together for us and gave us while we were in town, and aside from dissing partykids and DJs (which was still hilariously funny) I absolutely loved the entire show, as is guaranteed anytime I listen to Henry Rollins. But one thing he really pointed out hit me in the face; he said that he doesn’t get how people can be “bored,” and how they can get listless, when there’s so much out there to do and see and read and experience, especially when he can look at a map and all the countries he’s never visited sit there and mock him quietly from the pages of the maps. I was thinking about that statement, not so much about travelling, but more about being bored.

I often say I’m bored in the office, that I have nothing to do, and that it’s kind of mind crushing in a way. I’m often bored, and feel like I have little to do, and it kind of gave me a jolt that there’s so much I can be doing, even if I feel like I’m stuck here in the office or that I can’t leave to go do something else-there’s so much out there to read; experiences to share with people, friends to make, and history to learn. There’s a whole world of news to absorb and information to process, much much more than I could ever possibly do in one day or even a lifetime, much less the hours I spend at work wondering why I’m so bored. I got to thinking about how the Internet has facilitated that availability of information, the ability to network people and lives around the globe, share experiences, and learn new things. Sure sure, the Internet isn’t all roses and bunnies, and the scourge that is MySpace and Xanga, for example, rank much lower on the “writhing underbelly of the Internet” marker in my book than any porn site, but I have to admit, thanks to this beautiful thing, there’s so much out there at my fingertips, and sometimes I’m really awed by exactly how much there is and how available it is.

I’ll have to make a point to do something about that, really-I’ll have to remember that the next time I’m sitting at my desk listless and bored, that it’s not as though there’s nothing for me to do; I like to occupy my time by blogging and reading websites and such, but even when those things don’t entertain me and I’m not up to just relax and enjoy some down time, there’s a lot I could do, and I think it’s about time to get to it.

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