bikers get no love

Posted on Wednesday 22 March 2006

sense :: hearing // DJ Cam – Zend Avesta

So Zannah is helping me indulge my wallpaper fix and went ahead and posted InterfaceLIFT, which has not just a ton of wallpeprs, but icons and other goodness that’ll keep me busy for most of the afternoon. This is actually a good thing-I was just saying that my desktop collection was getting a little stale, and given where I werk right now, I can’t have anime desktops all over the place like I would like. Too many nosy cowerkers poking their heads over my shoulder and asking annoying questions about who might be on my monitor.

In other news, I always knew that biking around made you an annoyance for both pedestrians and for drivers, especially in the United States, but I didn’t know the lack of respect they get was really this bad. Check out the photos there, everything from trees to a phone booth right in the middle of the bike lane. What a nightmare, no wonder bikers just wind up riding in the street.

It’s kind of funny because I keep trying to convince the girl to consider getting bikes and biking around the neighborhood as a form of exercise, and around here there aren’t even bike lanes, which is a dissapointment. It’s a nice residential area with sidewalks and streets though, so we’d probably be okay, but still. That kind of treatment makes you wonder; how many communities are actively discouraging walking and biking as forms of transportation with such poor sidewalk and bike lane/shoulder design?

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