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Posted on Wednesday 5 April 2006

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Quite an amazing mishmash of a day this was.

On the up side, I finally managed to buy my new bag, which I desperately needed because I now have a shiny new MacBook Pro and don’t have much space left in my current bag.

Additionally, I’ve been hanging out over at the PriusChat forums because well, after the weekend’s antics at trying to buy a Prius last weekend (that would have been great if it hadn’t been for some rampant idiocy on the part of my Credit Union) and my final decision to wait until the 2007 model year and spring for a shiny new Prius, I’d like to bone up on the topic as much as possible and make sure I’m getting a phat car. Oh yeah, and you can bet when I order that shiny new Prius, which will doubtlessly be red and totally loaded with features, I’ll be a very happy man. I was all about buying one last weekend; I even found a used one with all the bells and whistles that I wanted, but since it was used, the credit union only wanted to finance what they thought it was worth instead of the full value. Had it been a new car, they wouldn’t have complained. Funny that-but suffice to say no dealer ever sells a car for blue book value, so rather than cover the difference out of pocket, I said screw the credit union and I”ll take them for all they’re worth when the 2007 Prius waiting lists start.

Anyway. Some of the guests have been announced for this year’s Otakon, which Raevyn and I are already registered for (and hotel booked even!) and some of the guests look awesome. Normally I don’t do the whole autograph thing, but I might have to make some exceptions this year. Something tells me I’m going to be very tired that weekend. But man if I’m not looking forward to it.

My poor phone. I don’t remember telling you guys the story, but sometime last week my phone, which was holding on by a thread (my new-ever-two from Verizon doesn’t come up until April 10th) and the antenna was about to come out of the thing and a piece of the protective plastic that keeps the antenna in place had chipped off, finally died and the antenna came off and out entirely. The phone was completely funcitonal, but without the antenna it wouldn’t connect to the cellular network. Verizon was nice enough to offer me a replacement phone for the time between then and my new every two, and even offered to help me re-activate my old ass Motorola that I keep in the trunk as a 911 phone, but when I got back to the office I managed, with some finesse and medical tape I had lying around, to reassemble my antenna and put it back in place. It’s been working fine, but I’m definitely looking forward to next monday when I can get a new phone. You guys remember the one I want, right?

Anyway. In other news, this is a camping trip I could definitely go on. Best view you could possibly get this side of the atmosphere, methinks.

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