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Posted on Thursday 20 April 2006

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So I’m all finished classes, grades are in and I’ve passed with flying colors, nothing to do now but wait for my third diploma to come in the mail.

Some of my seminar cohort were asking who would and who wouldn’t be walking across the stage, and it made me think back to when I was an undergrad and envied watching the graduate grads walk across the stage to get their Masters and Doctorates in their robes with the stripes on the arms and different colors…I thought about walking, but it was way too much time and energy, I have to admit, and the cost to take the day off of work, bring people into town, buy a cap and gown, and all that added nonsense just was a little more than I felt like dealing with. I’ll just take pictures of myself nibbling on my diploma and call it that.

So in other news, it was a pretty crappy day aside from the graduation news. Idiot customers, moronic requests (move my two computers, all my stuff, and my switch approximately two feet this way), and the rest are more than enough to make me dream of a better job where I don’t have to deal with such things, even if other aspects of my job are absolutely wonderful and I wish I didn’t have to trade them. Hopefully my newfound degree will help me out with that whole thing.

In other news, I thought this story of a gentleman who ran into a bug in an Xbox360 game but was stymied when he tried to return it for a refund was afternoon-brighteningly hilarious. The short story is that he ran into the bug, reproduced it, found out it’s a well documented issue, and took it back to the store for a refund. The game was open, so they wouldn’t give him a refund on an open game. He complained to the manager and everything, and the manager wouldn’t give him one either. They would only exchange it for another new copy. So he had an idea. He exchanged it for a new, unopened copy of the game, got back at the end of the line, and gave him the new, unopened copy, and asked for a refund on the new, unopened copy that he just happened to have the reciept for.

Gotta give him credit, that’s pretty ballsy. He probably could have accomplished the same thing by writing the district manager or corporate office, but man-way to go.

Speaking of games, since we all know how much I love World of Warcraft, I rushed to install this plugin for Firefox that essentially takes what I type in the search bar and searches Thottbot for it. Nifty! Also of interest to gamers in the audience will be this three minute video that I can only describe as “Pop-Up WoW.” Coffee’s on me if you get the Duke Nukem reference at the beginning. It’s absolutely brilliant. Personally, I liked finding out what the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior was really about-I had wondered since I had seen it on one of my characters and wondered what it was there for.

Speaking of coffee, I made chili last night. Get your saliva glands ready, I’ll post the recipe soon.

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