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Posted on Tuesday 25 April 2006

sense :: sight // 8pm sunsets

If you’re looking for an accurate portrayal of life in DC, especially the same springtime sentiment that every DC (and neighboring community) resident goes through, I think this commentary by Melissa Jordan that I heard on our NPR affiliate this morning. Absolutely glorious, and incredibly accurate; especially the part about standing on the left side of the metro escalator. Seriously people, come on. And the three for $10 FBI t-shirts, yeah-that part’s just funny.

In other news, I somewhat entertained myself this afternoon with this page of aerial views from around the world. Serious wallpaper material there, not to mention some absolutely beautiful scenery of some really beautiful places, including some aerial shots of th Plaza Real in Spain (which I remember visiting distinctly) and the Redskins stadium here in DC. It’s really nice, all around, and really beautiful pictures. Sometimes it’s nice to remember how gorgeous everything is, even from a few hundred feet in the air.

Speaking of wallpaper fodder, if you’re a space freak like me (hell, I majored in the stuff in college) then you’ll enjoy this wallpaper collection. Real shots, this time not from the sky down, but from the ground up. Some really nice imagery there, too. I think they’ll get added to the rotation.

Seriously-when I say rotation, I mean it. One of the nice things about using OS X for pretty much everything now is that the functionality to switch wallpaper images every 30 minutes or however quickly I like is built into the OS, and I don’t have to download some spyware-ridden replacement. Just fill a folder with pretty pictures and go. Sadly since my desk is kind of open to a bunch of my users and I sit with some of them, no anime wallpapers or random ecchi have graced dear Io’s screen yet.

Anyway, I found this story today that gave me a good laugh. Score another one for the geeks, and that’s another loss for idiot users and moronic management! The geek in me is very very proud of these guys, and the story is amazing, but I doubt that it’s actually true-it reads too much like the stuff urban legends are made of, and while I love the story and the premise and it’s definitely a geekly feel-good, I doubt it actually happened. Even so, it’s definitely a good read for the downtrodden and walked-upon geek in you.

This walked-upon geek, however, just wants a little time out to redo his resume and start looking for a job to take advantage of his new Masters degree. It really is amazing how much extra time I feel like I have (even when I’m busy at werk) knowing I don’t have homewerk hanging over my head, or a conference call to be in at 8PM on a perfectly good evening. I’m glad it’s all over, but I’m not deleting the old stored emails or filing away the papers I’ve written just yet…gotta wait for the diploma to come in first.

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