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Posted on Thursday 4 May 2006

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Among some of the amusement I’ve found today was an article on the five most common lies in business, which I sincerely think I’ve heard all of at least once. Seriously, I really hope to never been that businessperson where lying like that to people is commonplace or accepted. That’s just horrible, and really really jaded of the author to put it the way he does, but to a certain extent it’s absolutely true. Frightening.

Speaking of shameful, the fact that the TSA‘s terror watch list nets federal employees from soliders and vets to officials with exceptionally high security clearances doesn’t give me much faith in them. Lucky for me, last time we flew it wasn’t a big deal, but man, I’d hate to have my name land on that watch list, or even be remotely similar to someone whose name is on the watch list. All that manner of nightmare is well…a nightmare.

In other news, a DIY Dry Erase Board? Looks like a pretty cool project to me. Dunno if I’d want to go to the effort though; I might just buy a big dry erase board, even though the project contends to be cheaper. But for those of you out there into projects like this, maybe this would be a good one! This project to unlock my cell phone, on the other hand, is a bit more up my alley.

Geekery ahoy!

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    May 5, 2006 | 9:32 pm

    5 common lies: makes me sad. This nation has changed; I don’t think America was always like that.

    re: screening Can you imagine? It’s bad enough when you are caught on a “quota” day . . . In the SF airport, I was singled out and given a full security check (frisked and everything, though nothing ultra personal). What was interesting is that the four of us who had been selected (including myself) were female, 30-40, typical school nurse/elementary school teacher types! Though I understand the principle . . . that day, it seemed pretty damn dumb.

    May 7, 2006 | 11:59 am

    I’ve heard the five common lies at some point or another; all of them, and said as the writer claims they’re intentioned. I’ve also heard some of them from businesspeople who coin the phrase but actually mean what they say. It’s very strange, but in the last couple of years of business school I’ve learned there’s a whole culture around it. Not one that starts off with “you can tell the people you manage this and mean this,” but one that treats your people as pegs on an org chart, and discusses “organizational culture” instead of quite simply, “what kind of workplace you have.” Strange.

    Also, that’s horrible-I’ve never been harassed at the airport, but the last time I flew it was from Maryland to Ohio-not exactly high security locations.

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