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Posted on Tuesday 9 May 2006

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I keep forgetting to take lunch while I’m in the office. I usually get wrapped up blogging in one place or another, or just reading the news, or something, that even though I have iCal set to remind me at 12:45pm that I should take lunch at 1pm, I just wind up blowing it off entirely. It’s kind of sad, but that’s what soul sucking will do to you-you wind up with such little energy you can’t even get up and get out; you just wind up sitting in one place, doing whatever it takes to make the time go by.

That’s not to say that today’s been a bad day; I got plenty of writing done in a few different places, but it’s not what I get paid to do, unfortunately. That being said, it was a pretty productive day from a personal perspective, but from a professional one, I can’t remember the last actually “productive” day I had. Ah well. There’s plenty for me to do on the professional front, the trouble is none of it is my job function, so I feel odd doing it. Documentation, training materials, it’s hard to get jazzed up about it when you know you might be bothered by someone who forgot to plug in their computer before using it at any moment.

I would say that this weekend I’d have some time to work on things on my own time, maybe do a little relaxed werk away from werk (not that I particularly like the idea of taking werk home with me, but if it’s stuff that I would almost consider fun if I weren’t doing it during the werkday, it’s not a problem) but this weekend is Mother’s Day, and my Mom’s birthday is next week, so I’ll be out of town. Thank goodness for Io, though, I can take her with me, stay connected, and even play World of Warcraft while at my parents’ place. Hey-a boy’s gotta keep sane. At least I’ll be getting a haircut this weekend.

Hm. I realized that some of that sounds distinctly like I’m complaining about being bored, and then complaining about having things to do. It’s not that I’m bored and have nothing to do, it’s that I’m bored and have nothing interesting to do. I hope that clarifies. That being said, I think I might werk on some of that uninteresting stuff.

So in more exciting news, my boy Sean has launched a blog for music geeks like us called Letters from a Tapehead. Consider it added to my bookmarks, bud.

Hm. Can anyone suggest something to get my Mother for Mother’s Day?

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    May 11, 2006 | 9:59 am

    Must be something in the air. Everyone I know seems to be hamster wheeling these days: all work no play makes for dull hamsters . . .

    re: Mother’s Day. One of the first things I remember about you from S3 was that you gave great presents to your parents . . . so nice . . . I have a feeling you will have better ideas. Does she have a Bose Wave radio/CD? Or a Martha Stewart jellybean bouquet?

    May 11, 2006 | 10:01 am
    May 11, 2006 | 10:12 am

    ::blush:: Aw thanks!

    The trouble is I keep running out of things to buy for them! They’re so content with what they have that it’s hard to gauge their wants or desires, although I know they have to have them. Lately my dad’s been all about finishing the basement and working on some furniture, so I might buy him a couple of unfinished items that he can put to good use when Fathers Day comes around. (They don’t read my blog, so I’m lucky I can talk about it here. ^^ )

    I’d been meaning to get them a new Mac Mini to replace the old old iMac they have in the basement, but that’ll have to wait until I can toss out the cash for it-maybe also around Father’s Day. So far I’ve got a couple of CDs for them and possibly a new plant to add to my mother’s collection of happy green things…might be time to get her something nice to listen to the CD on…

    June 6, 2006 | 7:24 am

    Y’know…I didn’t realize that you modified this to take comments ’til now. Shows how perceptive I am. Thanks for the promo.

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