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Posted on Thursday 25 May 2006

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The two of us took the day off yesertday, partially so I could nurse a sore throat and to get some extra sleep; making this the first in a nice pair of short werk weeks, including next week. No idea what we’re doing for the memorial day weekend, but I just got a new shredder to replace my busted old one (thanks Raevyn) and I have some old financial documents I need to get down and shreddy with. Okay, that was horrible.

Among the silly projects I have in store are to reorganize my financial records (especially now that I’m out of grad school and need to go back and organize things), hang up the posters and such that I just framed, and organize my bookmarks (I have tons that I don’t use and some that I’d love to be able to find more easily). Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m an eternal geek, and I sincerely hope that those aren’t the most fun things I do over the memorial day weekend, but I haven’t a barbeque to go to at the moment or anything, although I heard word of a hot tub party in the werks, which could be a lot of fun.

In other geeky news, I managed to get myself into the Windows Live Mail Beta, and rest assured, those of you still in Hotmail, you’re not missing anything. Seriously, it has some good features, but only if you’re using Internet Explorer on the PC, and Mac users using any browser and PC users using Firefox or Opera are out in the cold as far as their “advanced” features are concerned. The “advanced features” include being able to right-click and use other features that make Live Mail essentially have the same features as Outlook Web Access 2003 has had for year. Nothing new, nothing stellar. When they open that functionality to users on other browsers, then I’ll pay attention. As it is, the only reason I still have a hotmail account is for nostalgia’s sake-it was my first email account and I got it in my junior year of high school, way back when Hotmail wasn’t owned by Microsoft and was actually a good service. I guess I’m holding on to the address just for old times sake. Why I check it so often though is a matter of habit.

So like any good geek, I went to visit my colleagues this morning to handle a difficult user on behalf of my manager (which went smoothly, by the way) and afterward our entire building staff hit the local mall food court for lunch. Tasty, without a doubt, but what do we all do when we’re finished eating? We hit the Apple Store to play with the new MacBook because we are all amused by the new keyboard design and wanted to feel it. Yeah, we’re good little geeks.

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