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Posted on Monday 5 June 2006

sense :: sight // posters on the walls

The weekend was productive to say the least; Friday came with delivered Chinese, my participation in a podcast in which I had much much fun, and some gaming into the wee hours; followed up by sleeping in literally until the midafternoon. It’s strange about me on the weekends; I can generally sleep for 12 hours Friday night-Saturday, but Sunday I can’t sleep nearly that long; about 6-8 hours max. Just as well I suppose; it helps me balance out and wind up not undersleeping for Monday morning and the return to the office, dreaded as it may be.

Saturday was similar; lounging and gaming and such, which was just as well-we needed the time off to just spend time together, putter in the kicthen and whip up some deliciousness, and generally enjoy our time to ourselves. Sunday was a bit more hectic, as we got up and got out of the house to go shopping for a few things from a few different places, and in general enjoy the kind of quiet repose that Sunday afternoons always have; people out for a leisurely shop, walking around the streets of the neighborhoods just to get some extra exercise, and all in all making for themselves a nice end to the weekend. After shopping, we came home and cooked-and yes, see, this is a big deal for us; all too often do we wind up getting chinese takeout several times a week-and escaped to the comfort of the television and the soft glow of our computer screens for the rest of the evening. As the night was getting late, I found myself not tired, and for some reason we wound up with a burst of energy; enough to finish our laundry and hang up all of the posters upstairs that I had been meaning to for a pretty long time. The funny thing was that here it is at 11pm getting on to midnight and I’m hammering nails in the walls. No complaints so far, though. This is also something of a big deal; since now our computer room is entirely decorated, but we still have a ways to go in our bedroom-the walls there are entirely too bare.

Tonight? I’m making enchiladas.

In other news, Lifehacker has a second part to their series on de-stressing yourself, which I think is not only timely, but applicable. Definitely good advice in there.

Speaking of methods to destress, I find the words of my hero, Stephen Colbert, incredibly liberating. He recently spoke to the 2006 graduating class of Knox College, and here’s what he had to say. Absolutely fabulous.

Finally, another link I found at Lifehacker, it’s called Quiet American; which I especially think that Pastilla would love; considering the many Desktop Vacations she’s sent me on in recent memory. Apparently Quiet American provides short, one-minute audio vacations where you can hear sounds of life from around the world. Here’s the lifehacker post that describes it better than I can. I just got back from listening to a Karaoke bar in Hanoi during the monsoon season. Luckily for me the rain was far louder than the singing.

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