Posted on Thursday 8 June 2006

sense :: hearing // Anjani – No One After You

Man I could use a drink about now; maybe a nice cold scotch on the rocks, or a brandy. And yes, I know it’s a little early. I just have the strongest desire right now to have a cold short glass of some hard liquor in my hand, diluting slowly over ice, in a smoky bar, listening to a piano and the soft crooning of whoever might happen to be on stage, or perhaps a jazz band, or perhaps both.

So it looks like the world isn’t completely devoid of superheroes. Stories like this are both entertaining and heartwarming; so no complaints on my part. I’m glad to see it; I just hope that an aspiring superhero doesn’t get hurt eventually in the process.

In other news, more companies need to package their goodies like this. Seriously, those Penny Arcade guys get all the coolest everything.

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