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Posted on Thursday 15 June 2006

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I woke up this morning cold, as if it were winter. I don’t really know why-the place seemed warm enough, and it was nice when we got outside, but still; it was freezing this morning. Still, it was incredibly difficult to get out of bed this morning, and I’m not entirely sure why. At first I was worried I was getting older and slowing down, but after talking to Sean about the matter, I remembered that when I was a brat, my parents had a hell of a time getting me out of bed too, so I don’t feel too bad.

So I’m sitting here at work, wondering and wishing for those things outside of the conrete walls that I call home for eight or nine hours a day, writing to you, whomever might be reading.

So this past weekend, along with picking up a new TV to replace the dead one in our bedroom, I used the remainder of a gift card that I got from work for my 2-year anniversary with the company a while back to pick up a copy of Guild Wars: Factions, just to give it a whirl. Something about a free MMO that just lures me in, and considering I didn’t have to pay much for it, it seemed like a sure buy. Now if only our internet connection at home would settle down. Yesterday was fine, but I’m still letting a Comcast flunkie come out on Friday to see what the problem is and hopefully fix it for the long term. We’ll see, here’s to hoping that he doesn’t just make it worse.

In other news, there’s this random snippet of buttrock that I’ve heard in many many pages over at YTMND, and I just today found out that it’s from a song called Fury of the Storm by none other than buttrock band extraordinaire, Dragonforce. Oh man, that’s gold gold gold.

Oh! The video! Here you go. The song makes an appearance in a rhythm game called Stepmania. No word on whether the person making this awesome run is doing it with a keyboard, or with actual footpads. Something tells me it’s the former, because I don’t know if I want to meet someone who can move their legs that fast.

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