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Posted on Monday 17 July 2006

sense :: smell // throat drops

Someday, someday I’ll have a door. And a window. Someday.

I’m only irritated because if I spend time in this building I have to deal with the smells of everything that everyone around here happens to be eating and drinking, including the throat drops that the woman next to me is shoving down her throat by the handful. If I spend time in the other building, the office is an absolute mess and I’d be lucky to have enough space to put my laptop down, much less walk around the room, and combined with the squalor I’m prone to the constant questions and nagging of everyone else in the office. But you know, that’s enough-I have Aeria Gloris to discuss such things behind the velvet rope, although I’m trying desperately to look on the bright side of things when it comes to werk; I just got a raise on Friday and should try to focus more on the good things I have rather than the things I’m missing or desire in the future.

I spent a majority of the weekend watching I Love the 70s (volume 2), which was absolutely wonderful. Raevyn spent the majority of the weekend running about with friends and such, going hiking and bringing friends home on Saturday and visiting another friend on Sunday, but I needed some downtime considering last weekend was Vik and Jess’s wedding and next weekend is Raevyn’s birthday; so I spent the majority of the time at home doing such incredibly boring things as laundry and mild cleaning and tidying up, along with getting in my World of Warcraft fix.

Fell asleep way too late last night though, and its making me irritable and a little unsettled this morning. I have a whole world of projects to start working on that I’d love to get started on, but I don’t have the energy to really make the lists required to get started, much less dive in. Early bed tonight, for sure, and definitely planning on ordering chinese tonight. Cooking be damned.

So, how are you?

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