happy birthday, raevyn!

Posted on Saturday 22 July 2006

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So it’s Raevyn’s birthday! Three cheers!

And we celebrated in style last night. I wasn’t quite as social as I normally would have been, but I did get to live out my little fantasy of being both DJ and bartender last night, and unlike most parties our bar hasn’t grown exponentially as a result of the festivities last night. Our beer supply, however, is another story. Our fridge is stocked with Bass, Yuengling Porter, Red Stripe, and various ciders and other cold bottled drinks that I’ve never had, but had better start drinking if we plan on grocery shopping this week. Thanks for some chocolate martinis that I opened the night with, followed by some lemondrops, wildberry martinis, and finally some rum and cokes and mango martinis, we’re now through most of our vodka and a good amount of rum and gin. Classy!

Seriously, I’m not complaining, and I’m not bragging-I’m just glad to have been able to mix drinks for friends and have them enjoy it; that’s really why I’m so proud. I like mixing drinks for people as much as I enjoy mixing music. I know what you’re thinking-I should open a club or something. Maybe someday.

In other news, Raevyn’s haul was pretty good, but I’ll let her talk about it. One spoiler though: she got a cowbell, and a drumstick to hit it with. Oh yes, there are pictures. My camera battery was inexplicably dead last night, so all the images are from my phone, but I’ll upload them soon enough.

In other news, I started in on the first disc of The Conet Project last night, and promptly creeped myself out listening to them so quickly that I didn’t finish the first disc. Between listening to the recordings and doing subsequent research on Numbers Stations, I’m thoroughly creeped out. And knowing the veil of secrecy around them as well as the fact that they’re still in operation today-not to mention several of the stations in operation during the cold war by eastern european countries are still broadcasting-just makes the whole thing scarier. But scary in that good way. Makes me want to buy a shortwave radio, but I think I’ve said that before.

2 Comments for 'happy birthday, raevyn!'

    Raevyn (AKA The Girl)
    July 24, 2006 | 1:04 pm

    Oh! Such Love!

    You were wonderful, so wonderful! The drinks were tasty, the music wonderful!

    August 1, 2006 | 10:09 am

    ::cheer:: I’m glad you had a wonderful time! It really was a good party. ^^

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