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Posted on Friday 11 August 2006

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Even though Otakon is over (and some people are already making plans for next year!), I finally managed to sift through my pictures and straighten out the levels on some of them and get them uploaded to photowerks. No photos of Raevyn or I, but that was mostly because I was behind the camera the whole time taking pictures of cosplayers and other interesting looking subjects (like my friend in the orange “The Internet is Serious Business” t-shirt. I really have to find out where he got it-I was so busy taking his picture and thanking him for it that I forgot to ask.

Oh yeah, the pictures: Here you go.

bromo seltzer tower

We had a beautiful view from our hotel room this year, as you can see from that photo of Baltimore’s Bromo Seltzer Tower; it’s lit up beautifully in the evening.

Considering I got so mnay pictures, mostly of different cosplayers, it’s remarkable that as I’m watching people’s photographs unfold in the Otakon Livejournal Community that there are simply a lot of people whose photos I didn’t get because I either never saw them, or because I neglected to take their picture when I had the chance. Given that Otakon is something like 25,000 people and I’m just one guy with a camera, I think that’s to be expected though.

Among the photos I uploaded last night were a few of our command center; that is our computer room at home and what our desks look like. What’s that you say? What does my desk look like? Well behold:

phoenix command

The rest of the set is over here.

While I was at it though, I managed to upload a ton of photos of my friend Vik and Jess’s wedding that was last month. It was a beautiful ceremony (albeit fast-which was a good thing, it was searing hot outside and we were all in the sun…the ceremony itself was about 15 minutes starting at 12:30pm) and a wonderful reception. (which lasted about 5 or so hours until about 6:30pm) The wedding was on a Sunday afternoon, so the early times were good; we still had the opportunity to get home, redressed for causal hanging out, and that’s about when I headed over to Sean and Jenniah’s to dig through their records. I came home with a delicious crate full of goodness that I’m still sifting through and spinning to see exactly what it was that I managed to get.

Anyway, the wedding photos are here. At some point I really need to add captions, so people can find out who one another is, and I can add more info, especially on the wedding photos, and the Otakon photos, so I can explain who each cosplayer is, or ask for someone who knows.

So. Photos, uploaded. Now I just need to figure out how to get the photos off of my phone of Raevyn’s birthday party, and subsequent amusing things we’ve seen out and about, without having to send them all to Vox. I’d prefer something that was strictly a moblog, as opposed to Vox, which actually makes blog posts with the photos, but we’ll see. Something is definitely better than nothing.

But as for now, it’s out of the office, home, away, grocery shopping this evening, and relaxing with a beer. Even though this week was a short week, considering our Otakon vacation and all, I’m dead tired. I’m looking forward to not having to do much of anything, to tell the truth.

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    August 14, 2006 | 10:44 am

    Great collection! Such fun to have a peek into your command center(s). I adore the dual monitor set-up and gorgeous desk. Is the little white bunny Raevyn’s or yours?

    Question for you: who is the lady with the alligator on her head supposed to be? http://photowerks.novawerks.net/v/2006+Photos/Otakon2006/otakon2006-012.jpg.html

    August 14, 2006 | 12:29 pm

    You know, I don’t really know-I just thought her headdress was absolutely amazing. I think Raevyn might know, I’ll ask her to comment if she does. 🙂

    The little white bunny, is actually a stuffed white mouse. His name on the label is “cheezer,” but when I was given him (back in college, by some of my coworkers at the time) the original idea was that he was going to be something of a “kudos” mouse; that every week someone who did a good job on our staff was going to get to keep him, then nominate someone to give him to the following week. Well, the first week they gave him to me, and asked me to come up with a name for him, and completely off the cuff I said “Well, his name on the tag is Cheezer, so why don’t we call him Cracker?”

    Much laughter ensued, and it took me a moment to realize exactly what I had said. From that moment on his name was Cracker, and he was all mine. They bought another mouse to continue the program with and let me keep my little Cracker. 🙂

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