snakes on my rental car

Posted on Wednesday 16 August 2006

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I dropped my lovely Nissan Altima in the shop this morning for minor maintenance, but picked up a 2007 Dodge Calibur to get me around today. I was actually curious in this car, since it has an aux-in jack on the front of the audio deck and is incredibly easy to connect an iPod to. And of course, today I left my iPod at home. Something tells me that today I’ll be taking a good long lunch.

All in all the car is a lot of fun to drive, but it’s one of those SUV/long-hatchback crossover cars, so it’s low to the ground but large, and takes a lot of pedal pressure to accelerate and brake. Definitely a fun little car (the fold-down speakers in the hatch back is a plus though) but it’s a little on the expensive side for what you get. New it’s about 30,000 USD, and while the car is definitely roomy, I don’t think it’s worth that much money. And the milage can’t be that good either.

Anyway, apparently David Copperfield thinks he’s found the Fountain of Youth. Well then! Right under our noses the whole time!

In other news, I’m incredibly stoked for Snakes on a Plane. I even got a call and email from Samuel L Jackson himself telling me to go see the movie! (You can send a call to yourself or a friend on the website!) Speaking of Samuel L, he just so happened to be on the Daily Show last night. Oh man, I so have to see this movie.

4 Comments for 'snakes on my rental car'

    Raevyn (Aka The Girl)
    August 16, 2006 | 4:00 pm

    *poke* Did you get a chance to grab your iPod and try the audio jack out???

    August 16, 2006 | 5:09 pm

    I did indeed! And it was wonderful. And it was good. Blissful, almost, being able to listen to my own music in the car.

    I really gotta put my pennies together for a head unit for La.

    August 17, 2006 | 11:37 am

    I noticed that you . . . I mean, Samuel L Jackson, had sent Raevyn a message, much to her delight. I also sent one using “glasses” and “bellybutton lint” which turned out rather well.

    I learned a few things I did not know about American cars from Al Gore’s film . . . (about emissions, not iPods). Apparently the US is more than a little behind the rest of the world . . .

    August 17, 2006 | 12:06 pm

    Oh wow! I didn’t even know “bellybutton lint” was an option!

    And this is yet another reason I desperately need to see “An Inconvenient Truth.” And buy myself a new Prius.

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