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Posted on Tuesday 5 September 2006

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Settling in after a good long weekend with a cup of tea. Taking a half-day at the office tomorrow, which will give me a little more time to recoup and relax, considering the prospects of the week ahead. That being said, it’s probably incredibly terrifying while simultaneously exciting at the same time. More later, of course, once things settle down and I have the time and the opportunity to talk about what’s happened and what’s happening.

In other news, the labor day weekend has all but proven to me that weekends should be three days. There’s nothing like having that Friday-“I’ve got a whole day off to do as I please ahead of me”-feeling both on Friday night and Saturday night, as opposed to normally only getting that every Friday night. I mean, Friday night you get off work and you have the night to have fun, Saturday to look forward and do whatever you like, and then Sunday you’re both trying to do things that you can’t do during the werkday but you’re also trying to recharge for the Monday ahead. With three day weekends, Friday you can relax after a long week at werk, Saturday you can relax and/or have fun, Sunday you can relax and/or have fun, and Monday’s you can relax/recharge and look to the week ahead. You get two days over the long weekend to do some real relaxing and recharging. That being said, I could get around all of this by just remembering to be here now, live in the moment, and enjoy every moment off werk for what it is, instead of what’ll be coming down the pike 12 hours later. But that, of course, is easier said than done-and much more difficult than wishing for the unending supply of three-day weekends that will never come. Looks like I have some werk to do.

So. I desperately need a new mousepad, and while the Ratpadz GS is a great pad, it just wore down too quickly for my taste, and now that it’s smooth in the places I usually mouse over, it’s all but useless because the laser on the bottom of the mouse doesn’t track anymore. I’m considering the SteelPad Qck Heavy, but it’s 30 bucks. Which isn’t too bad, I suppose, compared to the leader of the pack, the fUNC 1030, which is around 22-30 bucks. Wierd that mousepads cost so much these days-but then again, I’m obviously shopping for gamer gear.

Also in the geekly gadgets department, I definitely want to pick up one of these. I mean honestly, it’s way too handy there, and considering it’s only 14 bucks and is powered by USB, i think it’s worth it…when I have 14 bucks to throw at a hong kong website from whom I may or may not ever see the product. Ah well.

Well then. As the weekend comes to a close, I think I’ll make a point to rest well this evening and make a good start to the short week this week. More later-I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging more often. Oh! By the by, Pastilla, in case you missed the comment, I did manage to steam a stroopwaffel over a hot cup of delicious cafe diablo. It really did make all the difference. It was absolutely amazing, and makes me happy I both make coffee every morning, and have several of the treats left.

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    September 7, 2006 | 2:38 pm

    I’m a little behind in my internet reads . . . forced myself to do the end-of-summer garden clean-up. Glad you enjoyed the experiment; I had a feeling you would. You may end up regretting my telling you about that trick . . . I’ve found stroopwaffels disappear even faster when they are warm and gooey.

    Raevyn (Aka The Girl)
    September 7, 2006 | 4:22 pm


    As the StroopWaffel can be vegan, as soon as I’m off of this no-sugar challenge that I’m on now, Phoenix is going to have DEFINITELY worry about dissapering stroopwaffel if he leaves it unattended over his coffeecup…

    *toothy grin*

    September 7, 2006 | 5:24 pm

    The downside is drinking coffee in the evening when I have time to really enjoy a stroopwaffel at the same time. Caffeine and tasty, gooey treat versus sleep? Yeah-that’s an easy contest to decide, and the stroopwaffel wins every time. 🙂

    And yes, I can tell that Raevyn is eyeing my stroopwaffel every night! I have to get her her own box!

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