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Posted on Monday 18 September 2006

Since I’m already talking about my new job, I may as well continue, right? Well-okay, I’m not really going to gush about the new digs, it’s more that getting the new job has sparked something of an introspective inside my own head lately, as I recalled that I’ll now be making about as much money as my father did at a point in my childhood that was actually kind of memorable-so I can’t help but compare my success with his at the time, and feel pretty proud of myself for being in a position similar, where I can afford everything I need, and the things I want here and there, with careful budgeting.

Speaking of which, I need to do more of that. Okay, speaking of it all-part of the introspective trips I’ve been taking have taken me way back to an old post of mine where I laid out my new year’s resolutions, and I remembered that getting a new job, or at least a new job role with my current company, was one of my resolutions. Here we are in mid-september, and I was curious to take a look back and see how I’ve been doing with them, and I was actually kind of pleased with the results. The comparison’s below the jump:

Web //
** Split up Pleasant Tingle into two (or more) blogs
(COMPLETE: gave up on importing archives, but I at least HAVE them. I can repost quality stories as I choose)

** Migrate Millennium Winter to WordPress or EE
(COMPLETE: and I’m loving it.)

** Update the homepage
(COMPLETE: Decided to give up on this and change the fonts and fontsize to be a little more attractive cross-platform. It’s a portal, it does its job.)

Media //
** Begin digitizing the media collection
(IN PROGRESS: …wow! I totally forgot about this one. I have made progress though-all the CDs I keep in the car and by the computer have been ripped. I just need to either a: tag/rename my current mp3 collection and then start on the CDs, or b: rip the CDs and then tag/rename my current collection. I can’t decide which path to choose.)

** Build a MythBox for DVR Goodness
(IN PROGRESS: …I haven’t even started on this either, although I’ve been slowly collecting the parts required…new motherboard, new huge HDD, I just need to spring for a tuner card and some other innards and I’ll be set.)

Personal //
** Create a comprehensive budget
(COMPLETED :: Even though I have a budget, I still have a ways to go with tracking my expenses and paying off my debt.)

** Create a diet and exercise program that works for me
(IN PROGRESS: …not doing too bad here. I don’t have a “program” per se; but I have cut out the fast food, eat pretty well for the most part, but I do still need regular exercise. Still work to do here.)

** Cook a lovely meal at least once a week
(COMPLETE: I’ve been doing VERY well here. I just need to keep up the great werk!)

** Find another school and subsequent doctoral program
(COMPLETE: I’ve found the school, just not ready to dive back into the educational fray just yet.)

Werk //
** New job
(COMPLETE: Done, and done.)

Some of those I’d totally forgotten about, some of them I’m eager to say I’ve been holding to. Cooking myself at least one meal, I’ve been very very good with, and loving it-I’m very happy I’ve been making a point to actually cook more often than order out and eat fast food. Speaking of which, even after my 30-days-without-fast-food I’ve seen been largely abstaining (I had a french fry the other day to see how I’d feel about it…it’s…starchy. Not at all like the fries I made at home.) from fast food. I’m very proud of myself; the end of this month will be three months. If I can make this intuitive, I’ll be happy. Still, regular exercise is where it’s at. I need to get with that. Most of my web projects are done, although I’d love to port Plastic Bohemia to wordpress at some point. I have the perfect skin for it, too.

So. All in all, I’m doing pretty well. Can’t complain, especially with the changes that both Raevyn and I have been through this year. The year’s not over by any means, and there’s plenty of time to make headway on these other resolutions, but I’m pleased that I’ve made a decent amount of progress, completing a lot of them by virtue of determination and making headway on others by virtue of desire.

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