Posted on Tuesday 19 September 2006

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Both here and at Aeria Gloris, I’m pondering starting a new category called “storytelling,” for those times when I have a recollection or a reflection to make that winds up weaving itself into something more than just a reflection or a little nostalgia. Some of it is safe to put here, but some of it I imagine should go behind closed doors, names and places changes to protect the innocent. Regardless, I think it’s a good idea. Adds a little more oomph to the notion of blogging, you know?

In other news, looking back at my last post and smiling at my progress, both intentional and unintentional, when it comes to my new year’s resolutions, it makes me very very happy. Seriously, there’s nothing like making progress on your dreams and aspirations without even meaning to. I suppose there’s something to be said, then, for stubborn persistence and tenacity. But I’m not complaining, especially since there’s a ways to go.

The delicious custard place near our house looks like it’s starting to shutter up for the season-we drove past after grocery shopping on Sunday and it was closed up tight, around 8:30pm, and usually the place is open until something like 11pm. If that’s not a harbinger of the changing seasons, I don’t know what is. I’m not complaining about that either-I drastically prefer the transition seasons to the definite ones-spring to summer, fall to winter; I like milder weather than everyday expected heat or chill. Even so, with fall comes things like hot cider and colorful leaves, the slow progressive dance of both the plants and animals, showing off their last vestiges of beauty before tucking themselves into a winter-long bed for the kind of sleep that I wish we could all get every night. I’m looking forward to the foliage change this year though-since I’m starting the new job and it looks to be much more flexible schedulewise, maybe I’ll be able to take some leave and Raevyn and I can go somewhere and see the leaves change.

Today’s my father’s birthday-I called yesterday, mistakenly thinking it was today, to wish him a happy birthday, begging the same excuse I’ve been using for years-I always completely and totally get mixed up this time of year-my father’s birthday is on the 19th of September, but my ex-girlfriend’s birthday-whom I dated for a long time in high school and college-is on the 21st. I can’t ever forget either because they’re so close together, but the subsequent problem is that I wind up getting the two mixed up. I can’t count how many years I’ve called my father on her birthday, thinking I’m right on time-it’s kind of embarrassing, but my parents understand, and subsequentl laugh and tease me at having been better at remembering that sort of thing when I was younger than I am now. I suppose that’s why I have Google Calendar! We’ll probably head up to visit my parents this weekend to drop off presents and see them. A birthday cake might be in order.

And of course, my birthday is coming up in a month, I’m happy to say. I likely won’t be taking the day off werk or anything since I’ll be starting a new job, but all in all here’s hoping I manage to get a little celebration in around that time next month. My dad suggested yesterday that I do something to celebrate getting the new job, which shocked me a little bit, since I suddenly remembered that because everything’s been moving so quickly with the interview, the new job, and all of that, I haven’t had much time to celebrate at all-the weekend was busy enough (although we had a lot of fun hanging out, buying records, driving about Columbia, and getting tipsy and full of indian food with the glorious Tim and Brooke on Saturday) but I haven’t really done anything to mark the news. Maybe I should.

I can think of a few manga I’ve been meaning to read, or a couple of books I’d like to start. Now that the audio is hooked up in the library, I could bring a few records up and get down to it, but something tells me that my dad probably meant I should get some friends together or go out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Maybe all of the above is in order, we’ll see.

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    September 19, 2006 | 7:25 pm


    One of the reasons why I like to document hopes, dreams and prayers is that when you throw them out there . . . they really do actualize . . . and so often we forget how often!

    Ah, autumn leaves! My (nice) neighbors just got back from two weeks in Aspen. I’d like to go there again some September . . .(kurii was born during a brief stint in Boulder). Or the Maritimes!

    What is a “custard place”?

    September 20, 2006 | 10:49 am

    ::blush:: Thank you so much!

    I completely agree-I’m going to have to remember to get these thoughts and dreams down on paper (or virtual paper, for that matter) more often, I think.

    I’ve never been to Aspen, I’d love to go someday…

    As for custard, I’m using a horrible vernacular, but I mean frozen custard; think thicker, richer, yummier soft serve. We just happen to have a stand near our house called “Splurge,” that has the glorious purple sign above the awning that says “FROZEN CUSTARD” with bright big light bulbs around it in a big rectangle. I’ll have to take a picture to share with you, but the custard is absolutely divine. If you ever pass though this way, it’s my treat. 🙂

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