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Posted on Thursday 21 September 2006

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Slowly but surely breaking the news to everyone in the office that I’m leaving is tough, but it’s happening one way or the other. Telling people is easier when you know who’s replacing you (sorry Seth!) but one way or the other it’s getting done. Considering I only have a week left here, I can’t keep the customers in the dark for too much longer. On the bright side though, everyone keeps saying that I’ll be missed, and one of my more high-profile clients even offered to write me a letter of reccomendation. I’m not sure how to pick up on that, or even if it’s appropriate, but I might, if for no other reason than to have it on file for future use.

In other news, Raevyn and I have been getting to bed earlier lately, and the effects have shown. I’ve been wanting to make a point to be more well rested as of late, and the extra hour or so of sleep really does wonders. This isn’t to say I don’t shudder and want to curl back up under the covers when the alarm clock goes off in the morning, but it certainly makes it easier to deal with the day than being sleepless does. Between this and eating better, I think it’s a pretty good improvement when it comes to my overall quality of life. So I’m making progress on the War Against Horrible Food and the War Against Sleepiness, now its time to make some serious progress in the War Against The Checkbook. A new job should help to a large degree, but if I can manage to continue keeping my expenses level while drawing in more money from the new job, I think I’ll be alright in the long run. Seriously, no reason for me to start blowing more money just because I can. Besides, I have next year’s Otakon to think about, don’t I?

I was thinking about buying a new Toyota Prius this year, if for no other reason than to cut down a little bit on gas (and the tax credit would make up for the cost of the car in monthly payments) but I decided against it until I’ve at least cut down my existing debt a little bit. I think, like Raevyn said, I’ll enjoy the car much much more if I buy it with a cleaner debt slate. In the meantime I might stash money away to buy a new head unit for my current car, and in the long run maybe sell her to Raevyn when she’s ready for a car of her own. Long run though, not now. Still, I have a strategy, and we all know that’s the first thing you need when marching off to battle-a solid strategy, with contingency plans. I’m there. Still, if anyone has any debt reduction suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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    September 23, 2006 | 9:27 am

    My skills are more in the debt-avoidance and live-well-on-a-shoestring category. #1 strategy: always live on 90% of salary, put away 10% in tax deductible savings. Start in your 20’s, and in 40 years you’ll have lots to work with.

    September 23, 2006 | 2:21 pm

    Agreed; my biggest dilemma now is whether or not to defer contributing to a 401(k) in order to pay off my high interest debt first, and then contribute later once I have that debt eliminated, or whether I should just make do with smaller contributions to both, knowing that in the long run at least I’m saving SOMETHING even if its taking me longer to get out of debt.

    Sometimes I really wish I knew some financial advisors. ;_;

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