Posted on Tuesday 26 September 2006

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Back in action today. Raevyn has been a bit under the weather all weekend, but she was enough of a trooper to come to my parents place with me on Saturday and Sunday to wish my father a happy birthday and spend a little time up there hanging out with them. It was rather nice, I have to admit. Every time I go visit my parents I’m always whiny and annoyed at having to go, mainly because of the hour and a half to two hour drive involved with getting up there from where we live, but once I’m there I couldn’t be happier and going home is always a sad goodbye. It’s good to see them, it really is.

The weekend flew past what with being out of town for Saturday and Sunday, but we both took Monday off, Raevyn because she was sick and I because I both wanted a day off as well as wanting to make sure she was doing okay, and take her to the doctor if she needed it. Now it’s an extra short week, with my last day at my current job being on Thursday, and my first day at the new job being on Friday. I’m nervewracked and all manner of tweaky and excited about the new gig, but I’m really really looking forward to it. It’s going to be completely different, and a big change, but here’s to getting used to it quickly.

Among the goodies that surface when I poke around for webcomics was this gem yesterday at the all geek, all the time comic xkcd:

angular momentum

(click the image above for a larger view!) Absolutely fabulous. It’s the kind of gag that a physics geek like me (especially an astrophysics geek like me) absolutely loves. Although rotational kinematics was never my strong suit, this is positively endearing. If you haven’t been reading xkcd, you should start. Preferably with this one, which unix geeks around the world will absolutely love. Seriously-when I read it I nearly died laughing.

Another comic that I love, Sore Thumbs, is usually hit or miss, but their comic about Bill Clinton’s interview on Fox News was a winner. And subsequently led to my depserately needing this as an icon:

bill clinton, fool!

I could do without the “why aren’t you crying yet” part, I’d love an icon that was just good old Bill saying “I’m Bill F&(*&ing Clinton, Fool! Jesus,” but I’ll save that work for another time. Maybe I can poke the artist to make one. Or better yet, a tshirt.

3 Comments for 'twirling'

    September 27, 2006 | 3:22 pm

    A new web comic . . . and one which I can share with the scientific guys around me . . .
    THANK YOU. I love the “Just shy” T-shirt. So great for a little guy I know . . .

    re: Clinton :: chuckles ::

    September 27, 2006 | 5:10 pm

    ::grin:: Enjoy it! Today’s was pretty good as well. ^^

    December 27, 2006 | 2:59 pm

    […] I know I’ve said this before but the gloriously geeky webcomic xkcd is fantastic. Part of it is that I’m enough of a geek that I actually get their comics (this one was freaking hilarious to me because I was a physics major, and this one sparked a few ideas…) and absolutely love that fact, and part of it is that the comics themselves are hilariously funny. […]

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