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Posted on Sunday 8 October 2006

sense :: touch // rain on my head

…would be so much easier if I actually remembered to bring my camera.

Ah well, it was on and off rain yesterday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, more on than off, but not enough to spoil the day for us. I think we’re going to make it something of a regular thing to only go to renfest on rainy days because it’s not nearly as crowded as it usually gets on sunny and clear days.

We tipped up some raspberry wine from a local winery that we absolutely have to go visit, or at least fine their products locally, Linganore Vineyards. Seriously, if you can get their wine anywhere near you, do yourselves a favor and try the raspberry, and if you can’t, let me know and I’ll get some for you.

I put down a pair of oyster shooters (those were for you, Tim and Brooke, since you introduced me to the gloriousness of them last year) and a surprising amount of festival food at the same time.

Raevyn boguht a nice huge mug and put as much mead in it as we could easily buy at one time, and we sat sharing some sugar-coated almonds watching very stocky men in kilts compete in a caber toss. I have to admit, it’s incredibly entertaining-moreso than you might think, and definitely a sport I can get into. Screw baseball, the caber toss is where it’s at. We watched for something like an hour, rooting for the really skinny guy, compared to everyone else competing, all very stocky men with broad builds. He managed to toss one once, which earned him hilarious applause and cheer from both the crowd and his fellow competitors, and a subsequent jump that revealed a whole lot of man-ass to the rest of us; a treat for all genders and sexualities, I say. While Raevyn went “ooh!” I burst into laughter. At least he was wearing his kilt traditionally!

All in all, an excellent trip, and another excellent weekend. Next weekend is the weekend before my birthday, so my parents will be in town, so not too much cavorting out and about, but it’ll still be a good time, I hope. As for the upcoming week? Well, wish me luck. I’m still getting acclimated to the new job and still trying to make myself comfortable, so it’s an ongoing process.

2 Comments for 'taking pictures…'

    October 9, 2006 | 11:27 pm

    Looks like an **adventure** of the best kind.

    I can’t see a caber toss without thinking of Curse of Monkey Island.

    Birthday, you say? Ah, yes, it will soon be mid October . . . what do your parents and Ms Forestdweller have planned for you?

    October 10, 2006 | 12:15 pm

    Excellent question. ^^ Nothing special right now, no time off of werk what with the new job and everything, but all in all I think it’ll be a nice afternoon with family and loved ones, and perhaps a nice dinner out of the house, maybe.

    Nothing extraordinary, I don’t think. ^^

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