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Posted on Sunday 15 October 2006

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I posted this over at lorelei complex, but I snapped a few photos of my desk with my cameraphone on Friday. It must look a lot like a soulless cube, but I promise, the top of the cube is just beyond the top of the frame, but even so, something’s definitely wrong with this photo:


I mean, the keyboard is mine, I brought it from home, and the mouse is mine also, the monitor I got with the desk, as well as the Toshiba laptop they’ve issued me. For those wondering where my glorious MacBook Pro, Io might happen to be, she’s over here:

desk 2

Unfortunately she’s relegated to a secondary computer, since they don’t want the IT staff to encourage people to bring their personal computers to work and plug them into the network, or else everyone would wind up doing it. I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve worked in a corporate IT environment, and I’m noticing it’s much more closely regulated (a blessing and a curse) than my previous work at various public institutions. Still, no one minds if I bring her to the office, plug her up, and use her for liesure, like listening to podcasts and the occassional blog post, but more often than not I should keep her disconnected from the network. No problem there, although I wish I could use use her full-time-she beats the pants off the Toshiba they gave me.

But still, there’s something wrong with those photos. And if you figured it out, congratulations!

See, on Friday, someone almost certainly makes an alcohol run at around 3:30-4pm. The company has a 4pm rule, where after which its safe to crack a few open in the office and round out the week with colleagues. It’s amazing, and when explaining my astonishment at an office that takes so well to alcohol in the office, my colleagues were surprised there were places that thought it unacceptable. Very odd. Still, it was nice unwinding for the last hour or so on Friday with a beer, the mini putting green that’s right outside my cubicle, and the MAME cabinet that’s just past the putting green. I’ll snap a few of those soon.

So far, so good!

8 Comments for 'lager, by the way..'

    October 16, 2006 | 8:54 pm

    :: grin :: Only Fridays?

    I so hope there is a Hogwart’s style magical starry sky roof after 4, too . . .

    October 16, 2006 | 9:26 pm

    ::giggle:: Only Fridays…so far. On server maintenance nights though, they chip in for takeout from spots like Outback and Fridays, or order wings or some other finger food to eat while waiting for the servers to patch and reboot, so it’s possible those nights that anything goes. 😉

    And it might not be quite the same kind of magic, but depending on how much I’ve had to drink, I think that starry sky roof can be arranged…

    October 17, 2006 | 11:25 am

    I am commenting soley to express my jealousy over the MAME cabinet.


    October 17, 2006 | 11:35 am

    I should take a picture of it! That and the putting green! ^_~

    October 19, 2006 | 10:23 am

    You should! Yes!

    We must live vicariously through you!

    October 22, 2006 | 11:11 pm

    I just googled MAME cabinet so I could understand what it was . . . and be jealous, too.

    more *JEALOUS*

    October 23, 2006 | 9:16 am


    He’s taken pictures and they are as we imagined! Fire up the envy rockets!

    October 23, 2006 | 9:58 am

    ::giggle:: I snapped a few cameraphone pictures; I’ll upload them later today, methinks, so everyone can see!

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