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Posted on Saturday 23 June 2007

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So it’s been quite a morning, hell – quite a week.

Friday I werked late; maintenance and all. Each of us in the office has to take our turns, and I usually like the maintenance times that are on the last Friday of the month. Personally, I just prefer to come in late and stay late on a Friday when I don’t have to be up for anything the next morning, especially not work.

So since I got to go into the office in the afternoon, I took the opportunity to get a few things done.

For about a week, I had some tenderness and soreness in my gum, above one of my teeth, so I was worried that my procrastinating time had expired and that I would have to, for the first time in literally four years, go to the dentist. So, after seeing my CIO notify our group he’d be out of the office to get some dental work of his own done, I remembered that he lives pretty close to me and went over to his office to ask who his dentist was. I figured if he liked them, and the fact that we both work at the same place and have the same insurance, I might make an appointment too. So he told me, I called, and they got me in Friday, first thing in the morning – and by first thing, I mean first thing, a la 7:30 am.

I was freaked out – I mean, I hadn’t gone to the dentist in years, and now I was having this funny pain. Would I have a million cavities? Would I need serious work done? Did the pain indicate horrible gum disease? Would I need something as horrible as a root canal? Were they going to complain about my wisdom teeth?

Raevyn happened to be out of the office that day, and for moral support I managed to convince her to get up earlier than we would have for a workday to come with me to the dentist and keep me company. Did I mention I have a bit of dental anxiety? Yeah.

So I woke up around 5am – an hour earlier than I should have – worried about the events to come. I started getting ready to keep my mind off of things, and woke Raevyn up on time. She helped me keep my nerve and not to panic quite so much, and we headed off to the dentist for the first time in ages. As freaked out as I was, as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, I was greeted with a fantasic sight: a bunny, hopping along the grass in front of the parking space, looking at us while nibbling his breakfast. Next to him was a gorgeous black bird – glossy and proud, hopping about next to the bunny, looking right at me.

I’m kind of a dork about totemic things like that, but it was calming.

We headed inside, and since I was the first patient of the day, I didn’t have to wait very long to be seen. I had my x-rays done (by some crazy futuristic machinery that went around my head and stuff – goes to show you how long it’s been), and the dental assistant sat down to chat with me about why I was in. The dentist herself appeared pretty quickly, and they brought up my x-rays on the computer next to us. She pointed and gestured, praising me for not having any cavities even after 4 years of absence from a dentist’s office (that’s right – somehow I got out of this with no cavities!) but she chastised me for not flossing as well as I should, and for the tartar buildup that I had accumulated. She also explained that she didn’t see any tooth damage where I had pain, even though she noticed some swelling. So she just figured there was something up under my gum.

It was going to be a hell of a cleaning, she said, but that’s all it was going to be. I relaxed, she smiled, and her and her assistant literally went to town on my mouth.

When it was all over, I felt fantastic, like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, and since the place automatically schedules your next cleaning for 6 months after your first visit, the dentist explained that the next one would be a walk in the park. So take it from me; if you’ve been hesitating, don’t. Get it over with – granted I was lucky, but I’m so glad I got it taken care of, and hey – maybe you’ll be lucky too.

Suffice to say I’m going to be a freaking angel about my teeth from now on.

So on the way back from the dentist, I thought I may as well get some other work done that I’d been meaning to: an oil change for my car.

I’d been putting it off for a while because I’d kind of fallen out with the dealership that I used to take my car to, after he charged me over 500 bucks for repairs that he should have caught the first time I took my car in for the same problem, and then almost aggressively insisted that I come back soon for my regular maintenance. (which is another 500 bucks, by the way) He seriously told me that he’d “give me the benefit of the doubt,” when I explained dropping a grand on the car on a whim was a bit more than even my budget could handle. Sorry buddy, you don’t give me the benefit of the doubt, I give you my patronage when I feel like it.

So I called the other Nissan dealership up the street from my house, and they’re willing to take my car, any time. But in the meantime, I needed an oil change. Dropped my car off at the Mr. Tire within walking distance of our house, and Raevyn and I walked home in the Friday morning sun. It was gorgeous day out, and the walk was short enough that it wasn’t at all tiring but long enough that we could hold hands and linger. We got home, brewed some coffee, and I sat down to do a little work for my still-delicious freelancing gig while waiting for the oil change to finish. Naturally the Mr. Tire called to try and sell me on a world of repairs I knew I didn’t need, but they got the job done in good time, and after filing my stories I walked down to pick up the car and head into the office.

I got to the office in time to catch up with my regular work that I missed being out in the morning, and get ready for the late night of maintenance. We ordered barbecue for dinner, and had probably the best maintenance night full of riotous laughter I’ve ever had. I came out at about 1am to my car, said goodbye in the parking lot to my colleagues, pulled the flyers for a local…adult venue (which apparently was having an event so important that three flyers with very prominent posteriors, in all of their oiled and explicit “beauty” were slid under my wipers) off of my car, hopped in, and headed home. Raevyn had gone to a party last night, so I beat her home and crashed around 2am. Next thing I know Raevyn curls up next to me at some hour in the morning I don’t remember, and I slept until the morning.

Raevyn had another engagement this morning – hiking, I think – so I took the opportunity to do a little work around the house we had been meaning to get done. The laundry, replacing the shower rod in the master bathroom (it kept falling down at the most inopportune moments), shining my shoes (which were all manner of dirty), re-hanging the wall scrolls in the living room (My FLCL wall scroll and my Macross wall scroll both fell down!), generally tidy up and sweep the porch and foyer, pack up Trippy for his trip home (sorry we didn’t do that sooner, Pastilla! He’ll come bearing gifts, we promise!), and then settle down to start blogging away.

Raevyn’s since come home, and we’re going to cut it close hitting one of our grocery stores before they close, but all in all, it’s been a good, accomplished day. Now to figure out what to do for dinner. It’s probably a bad idea to shop hungry.

All in all so far, I think it’s been a productive weekend, and it’s only Saturday evening.

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