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Posted on Sunday 18 November 2007

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Wow – it’s been a while. I’m terrible at a lot of things; I have the photos from our trip to New York City uploaded to my machine, but I still need to edit and post them. Funny, I don’t do a lot of post-processing to my photos, but what I do have to do takes enough time that it makes me not want to unless I have the time to set aside to it. Maybe I’ll try to do it tonight, or after I write some more reviews for AppScout and Gearlog. I spent the bulk of the weekend going over some gadgets that the fine folks at PC Mag were nice enough to send me for Gearlog reviews, and I owe them some reviews. I just wish I had more hours in the day to get all of these things done.

I could easily make a list of the projects and things that I really want to do, the most of which being catching up on gadget reviews (I really just need time to sit down and write them) and the least of which organizing my finances (which have been on autopilot for a while…without problem, but still!) or head over to sign our new lease, or head back to the doctor for a follow up test from my physical, or get my tires replaced, and so on and so forth. I could take a few days off, but this week is already a short one with Thanksgiving on Thursday, and Raevyn and I both off Wednesday and Friday. It’ll be a nice 5 day weekend, some of which I’ll spend with my Mom and Dad, but some of it I’ll be able to spend taking care of some of these things. Maybe I should make a list – even if I don’t have the hours in the day, at least I won’t feel overwhelmed.

Odd things are up at the permanent job, things that could either turn out to be really good or really bad; and by really good I mean really good, or really bad by I need to update my resume before I get too pissed. We’ll see how it goes. Even so, change is. You can’t expect things to remain static anywhere, much less a company like the one I work for – there’s just too much going on, and a tiny little IT division that’s straining under its own demands for growth. So we’ll grow – I’m just not sure if I agree with the direction.

In other news, remember when I said I missed listening to much at the office? I still do, and I’m making a point to do more of it. Listening to podcasts is one thing – it’s kind of distracting hearing people talk or having to watch a video while I’m writing an article, but while I’m doing other work at the office; like filling out purchase orders or writing documentation, or opening tickets for work requests – that’s not a problem. It’s odd, but it’s when I need to form words in my head, hearing someone else’s conversation – usually also about technology – makes it difficult. So music it is, and there’s plenty of that from my backlog of Freefall podcasts.

And here we are headed into the holidays – the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and there are gifts to buy and plans to make. It’s funny – the first holiday commercial I saw this year was for QVC’s holiday sale, and I saw it shortly before Halloween. Now that Halloween’s over and Thanksgiving is looming, everyone’s let out with their full force of holiday ads, gear, decorations (even our newly renovated grocery store has its Christmas gear up, completely skipping Thanksgiving) and all that. When they say the holidays start earlier ever year, they’re not kidding. It’s okay though, the bright lights and the time away from work and the joy of picking up gifts for friends and planning parties tend to make up for it. That and I love my long black winter coat.

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