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sense :: smell // autumn air I think we all have a core that’s ecstatic, that knows and that looks up in wonder. We all know that there are marvelous moments of eternity that just happen. We know them. ~ Coleman Barks I really need to never ever not get a full night’s sleep before […]

all this…

sense :: hearing // Savage Garden – To The Moon and Back just to be wanted. Is it worth it? It seems ridiculous, the more I observe it, the more I let it eat away at my psyche, burn away my conscious understanding. The more I dance, the less I think about the experiment; it’s […]

afraid to fly, afraid to try

sense :: hearing // KD Lang – Constant Craving Sometimes I’m surprised when the world spins on without me. It makes me feel disconnected, alone, sometimes jealous. Scratch that, I’m sometimes surprised when my world turns to a different beat of everyone else’s. It’s not like my world stops spinning, it’s not like my life […]


sense :: taste // bloomin’ onion It’s funny, I’ve had thoughts and feelings whirling around my head for weeks, and I simply haven’t had the time or the opportunity to communicate them to the rest of the world. So of course now, after much of what I wanted to write about and discuss is over […]

feeling accomplished

sense :: hearing // Kaskade – Everything (feat. Andy Caldwell) So it’s been quite a morning, hell – quite a week. Friday I werked late; maintenance and all. Each of us in the office has to take our turns, and I usually like the maintenance times that are on the last Friday of the month. […]