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peace and quiet

sense :: hearing // Parov Stelar – Chambermaid Swing The idea was to have a nice, quiet weekend at home, and by and large that’s what we got. It was a shame that I wound up working late on Friday for server maintenance, but I got home at 11pm, which is pretty good for a […]

down + right + down/right + punch

sense :: taste // fresh coffee click for a bigger one. real update later.

deep sounds

sense :: hearing // on my laptop This comic made my freaking week. It’s funny because it’s true: click the image above for a larger view, or see it in its natural habitat It’s very true, and just like the author of the comic above, Three Panel Soul (formerly of the hilarious MacHall, which […]

off kilter

sense :: sight // hovering clouds I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting my time sometimes in the office. I didn’t get into this line of work because I specifically thought it would be rewarding spiritually or personally – I thought it would be a good career move, and help me make use of […]

it all happened so quickly

sense :: taste // sweet white wine It’s been quite a week. Werk has been keeping me more than busy, I’d say something more like frantically and frenetically occupied. It’s been more than busy, it’s been mind-bogglingly, frustratingly, constantly in motion. From the beginning of the week to the end of the week, things have […]