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Posted on Sunday 6 January 2008

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So, it’s a new year, Raevyn and I just finished taking the holiday decorations down and putting them all away in the storage room, and off we go into another maddening revolution around the sun, wherever it may take us, whatever it may bring. 2007 was an interesting year – two new jobs to get settled into, a lot of learning, a promotion, more changes than I care to remember right now. But let’s look back on last year’s resolutions and how I managed to make out on them:

Web //

** Redesign Plastic Bohemia [ http://plasticbohemia.com/ ] using the theme I already chose for it – okay, I totally slacked on this one. I really should just up and do it.

Media //

** Continue digitizing media collection and extend to video – I’ve been doing some of this, but need to keep it up!

** Continue/finish collecting components for MythTV box for TiVO-like goodness – I scrapped this idea – we’re already killing the available power in our house on all of our circuits, so adding another computer might not be a good idea.

Personal //

** Continue cooking and eating a healthy diet, but exercise more regularly (perhaps an elliptical purchase is in our future) – this is a work in progress, but should always be on the list. I’m really feeling the cooking vibe, even more than this time last year.

** Redesign the budget to reflect the new job, and do a household budget for shared expenses – I did this, but I’m going to have to do it again now that I got a promotion…

** Step back from media consumption and try to turn out original media – Between all of my blog posts and my job writing for AppScout and Gearlog, I think I have this one down pat. But I still love it. I might not keep it as a resolution, but I’ve learned something important about being a consumer of media and being a creator of information.

Not too bad, all things considered. A few of those I think will survive to next year’s list. I just have to put it all together; it’s in my head, I just have to make it work.

But that’s a task for later in the day, after a good rest. Thanks 2007, you’ve been a good year. Here’s to 2008.

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