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Posted on Monday 28 January 2008

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The past couple of weeks have been something of a roller coaster. Nothing significant to share, just a ton of the usual ups and downs. My promotion and subsequent raise took effect at the office, so the larger paycheck is always welcome, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sniffing around at job opportunities in places like Seattle or New York City. Raevyn and I have both been in love with the pacific northwest for years, and we fell in love with Manhattan when we visited for Digital Life last year. Speaking of which, I totally fail at uploading my photos. I need to remember that.

Speaking of photos (woo change the topic!), I’m really looking forward to Otakon this year. Reading Dramacon doesn’t help things much, to tell the truth. All of the descriptions I could find on the web talk about the first book, but not many recount the events of the second and third (also the last) books, which I’m happily reading now. Seriously – anyone who’s been to an anime convention should pick up at least the first one. The character development is superb but the atmosphere – even when it’s heavy and serious – is so genuine and real that it’s sometimes frightening. Good stuff, and since it’s only 3 books, you don’t have to follow a massive story. I’m serious, I’ve even sought out the artist, Svetlana Chmakova, and bookmarked her website and added her livejournal to my friends list. She’s apparently working on a new series that I’m looking forward to.

If I’m looking for something a little more heavy and action-packed, I’ll pick up Claymore. Not for kids, and kinda gory, but man am I eagerly waiting for the 11th book when it comes out in March.

In other news, I’ve been feeling a little trapped in WoW these days. Not much happening, and the only things that have been happening either don’t involve me (yes, I know, part of that is my own decision) or that I specifically want nothing to do with. At this rate, I’m starting to run out of little things to challenge myself with – I don’t want to completely lose interest in the game. It just sucks when even the alts you created to stave off the boredom require other people to complete their quests, and you can’t find anyone to really assist. Then again, it is a massively multiplayer online RPG, isn’t it? Maybe I just need to make more friends.

Another place I’ve been spending a lot of time is over at Office Snapshots. I love the blog so much I wrote about it at AppScout a little while back. I keep looking at the gorgeous photos of some of these companies’ offices, and wish our offices could be as nice; something a little more than dull gray cubicle walls. And since the company is planning to move in May, the drawings of the new furniture make it look even worse than the stuff we have here already. Not looking forward to that: new building, new goodies, lame desk space.

Okay, I should stop being so pessimistic. Maybe I’m just cranky and need dinner and early bed tonight….but I need to farm primals for my Ebon Netherscale set.

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