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Posted on Monday 10 March 2008

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So we’re making plans for our vacations later in the year, including events like Otakon and Digital Life in New York City. So far so good, we’ve managed to book not just our room for Otakon but another room for a bunch of our friends. We just have to make an actual post about it and let them know how much they should be ready to chip in for the cost of the room and everything. That all being said, we should probably pre-reg for the convention. Still, it’s nice to have rooms booked and everything; it was kind of a pain calling around to hotels to find out that they were sold out not just of the Otakon room block during the convention, but completely sold out of rooms for that time period. It seems like you have to book your hotel room the weekend of the con for the next year if you want a guaranteed room. Sheesh. That being said, I’m glad we got it taken care of. Did I mention I’m thinking about cosplaying this guy next year?


I’ve even found someone who makes his costume. Here’s a better picture of him from the chest up. I don’t think I’d have a hard time with him, I don’t quite have the front two dreads, but the rest of the costume would probably be cake, especially the white mask he wears over his eyes. Anyway, that’s assuming I want to cosplay this year – I hear it completely changes the dynamic of the con for you – you go from being a spectator to having people stop you for photographs and things, makes it harder to just walk around and see the sights. Although that could be a good thing, who knows. Either way, I have a little time to figure it out.

The hilarious thing about Otakon is that Digital Life is a month later. Sheesh, I’ll be traveling a lot around then.

So the last time I updated I was discussing how my new boss was starting and everything. Well, he’s here, and after a rough couple of weeks, I think things are starting to get a bit better. We don’t totally see eye to eye, and we definitely don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, but after being initially pissed about a lot of valid things he’s seemed to settle into his position and he’s actually putting an ear up to see how things work here instead of just pushing his ideas on everyone. There’s still a little of the latter, mostly because it makes it easier for him to learn without having to be taught, but we’ll see how it goes. On the up side, most of our management is at an offsite at the beginning of this week, so we have a brief respite from the drudgery. I think I’ll enjoy these next couple of days. So while things aren’t perfect, and I’d definitely classify them as a step down from where things used to be, I don’t have too much of a choice unless I want to vote with my feet, and I think that before I do that I want to make some changes on my own. I think with a little work I can start to take my life back and improve the quality of my work and my management skills at the same time now that there’s someone who at least supposedly has some bandwdith to help. For starters, I’d like to stop sitting at the office for 9-10 hours a day without taking lunch. I think lunch on the one hand and getting home from the office at a reasonable time on the other is a great place to start taking my life back. If that rubs people the wrong way, that’ll be disappointing, but since I updated my resume it’s not like I haven’t had a good number of offers.

Maybe a new keyboard and mouse at the office would help. I kinda dig this one, if it weren’t so expensive. Maybe I can find it cheaper or on sale somewhere.

I also confessed to my editor that if anything became available at Ziff Davis that I’d love to work for them full time. I’ve enjoyed freelancing for them so much and enjoy tech journalism so much in general that I would definitely consider a full time position doing what I do now and then some. The trick is that it would require relocating to New York City, and even though Raevyn and I fell in love with NYC when we visited last year, relocating would take a lot of thought and effort. Not to say I wouldn’t seriously consider it – I think we’d both very much like to do it. Still, we’d also love to move to the west coast someday, but given our family situations I don’t know when that could possibly ever be.

In other news, the new Macbook Pro was unveiled a couple of weeks ago, and my contact at Apple is still good, so I need to see what kind of discount I can get on one and how expensive it’ll be. It’d be nice if both Raevyn and I have laptops for traveling and conventions and things, and she’s more than happy to take this one off my hands.

So over the weekend, Raevyn and I got up on Saturday and hit Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up a few things we had been meaning to buy since the holidays. We had decided to treat ourselves to some home-y gifts and things over the holidays and wound up getting too busy, so we’re picking up from where we left off now. First order of business? New sets of sheets, new towels (bath blanket size!), and new washcloths. It helped that a lot of it was on sale, but we wound up getting some new cutting boards and things too, stopping at target to buy some new kitchen goodies, and all in all we came away with more than we expected. Even so, we’re really happy. We just have a lot of laundry to do now.

Let’s see if I can pick up the pace on things. I miss writing here.

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    March 16, 2008 | 9:24 pm

    (We miss you, too — although 8 days late in responding to this post is not a good way to show it)

    You are going to look so great in that costume. Is the R. cosplaying, too?

    re: NYC All I can say is wow. An opportunity to live in NYC. If it’s a dream, snag it now . . . a time for everything, as they say . . . I’m going to sound like an old lady here, but something like that . . . well . . . you’re in the prime of life mentally and physically . . . what better time to enrich yourself with time in the most exciting, contradictory and fascinating city in the USA? (If it’s a dream of yours, that is . . .)

    May 14, 2008 | 9:08 pm

    […] other news, I’m still musing over the costume I was thinking about over 2 months ago now. We still haven’t registered for Otakon, but the […]

    August 17, 2008 | 1:44 am

    […] Otakon has come and gone, and as promised, I did both the Kaname Tousen cosplay that I was kind of skeptical about (it turned out fantastically – now I just need to find […]

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