i can hear violins

Posted on Wednesday 26 March 2008

sense :: taste // tea/coffee blend

I can hear string instruments in my head today. They make me think of empty seasides, somewhere chilly but warm enough that I don’t need a jacket, somewhere I can put a cello down and play. I don’t even know how to play the cello, but I’d love to learn if for no other reason than to make this dream come true. I also hear violins, rising chords that compete with the rushing sea and dark clouds rushing past overhead.

It’s funny how music can inspire, can make you dream, and then how much you long for those dreams as if it’s a reality that’s just within reach; something just too far away to get your fingers around but close enough that you can taste it – close enough that it fools you into thinking that if you just wished for it hard enough it’d come to you in an instant. Something that makes you think on it, fantasize over it, and just sit in one place, close your eyes, and wish.

Someday I think I’ll find that escape. I don’t know when, but I will.

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