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Posted on Sunday 13 April 2008

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plead the fifth!

This is probably one of the best Penny Arcades in a long long time. And that’s saying a lot, because I usually think they’re hilarious. Click the image to embiggen – I’m sure you can’t read the text at this size. The worst part? It’s a true story.

In other news, there’s been so much going on and I haven’t had much time to really say anything at all about anything. It’s been kind of troubling since I wish I desperately had down time to do a lot of the things I want to do, including write. I’ve been meaning to clean up the house and do domestic-y things like vacuum the floors and clean the bathrooms, but we’ve barely had enough time to do the laundry, and even laundry is a week-long task. We’ve been wanting to do some spring cleaning: move some dishes and glasses we don’t use anymore into storage and clean the empty boxes from the storage room, but good luck finding time to do that.

On the up-side, Raevyn got a promotion and a new job at her werkplace and I got a pretty hefty raise at mine. I’m thinking mine was more of an incentive to stick around and a prod to be a little happier and more productive (and probably complain less), so I’ll play that out and see how it goes. I haven’t changed my thoughts about wanting to make freelancing a permanent career change, or possibly moving to Seattle or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, so we’ll see how that all plays out. Maybe a couple of years in New York City as a tech journalist could put me in a position where I can move to Seattle to do something else. Who knows. In the meantime though, I don’t see us going much of anywhere, unless it’s on vacation (something both of us desperately need).

In other news, and perhaps most exciting news, I bought a new laptop. Yup, one of the delicious new generation of Macbook Pros with the Penryn processors that everyone’s raving about. So far, so good – it’s absolutely fabulous and the thing just screams, especially in World of Warcraft with all the graphics settings turned up. Definitely a worthwhile purchase, especially since I could afford it. I’ve already named her Europa (to contrast Io, my old Macbook Pro, which is now Raevyn’s, since she helped me out with the purchase of the new one).

I managed to get a killer deal from one of my vendors at the office (who let my pay with it using my own money, don’t look at me like that) so I took a little of the savings and picked up something a little extra special for myself. I snagged the 32GB model, and while I haven’t remotely loaded it up with music or video yet, I’ve been wearing the wifi connectivity out of the poor thing. See, I like to surf the web and check my personal email before bed, sometimes from bed, and using the Morotola Q that was issued to me by the office was a problem – mostly because as soon as I turned it on, it would check my werk account for new messages, and it’s kind of hard to wind down by reading a blog or two when you have a “23 new messages” indicator at the top of the screen and you know it’s all werk-related stuff. So the iPod Touch it is, and so far it’s not just fun to use, it’s more than utilitarian. And before anyone asks, I really don’t mind the on-screen keyboard one bit…although if I had an iPhone I could see how texting might get annoying after a while.

So that was a pretty big purchase, and pretty big news on my part. I managed to upgrade Io to Leopard before I bought Europa, and as soon as Europa landed I sent Io in to be repaired. Nothing serious was wrong with her, but she was a first-generation Macbook Pro, so her fans were loud and she tended to run hot. I sent her in, Apple got her the next day, repaired her the same day, and shipped her back the following day. How’s that for service?

So that’s about that. There’s a ton of other things, of course – it’s tax season and I got bent over (expectedly) because of my freelancing, which means I should just set aside more money next year than I did this year, but it wasn’t too bad – I got it out of the way a few months ago. Oh! By the way, I’m trying this whole Pownce thing again now, so if anyone’s using it, drop me a line – I need more friends to listen to the random mp3s that I post.

How did taxes and Pownce go together? Yeesh.

I should probably go to sleep. It’s something like 7 in the morning, and I have a Zul’Aman run later in the evening.

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    April 15, 2008 | 11:27 pm

    :: walks up and down the edges of this post staring at shinies ::

    :: caws ::

    The engadget story is priceless; I suppose that anyone making a lawyer’s salary rips off the government for fun and thrills, not out of financial need, which makes the story a little darker.

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