the waiting is the hardest part

Posted on Sunday 22 June 2008

sense :: hearing // Yeasayer – 2080 (Black Dominoes Remix)

For anyone interested in hearing what I’m hearing:

I just moved mail hosting (and I think inadvertently some hosting functionality) over to Google (and subsequently got Google Apps) for a few of my domains. Let’s see how that goes. If there’s one thing that’s bothered me to no end, it’s the squirrelyness of SquirrelMail and their up/down webmail functionality. I mean, it normally doesn’t bother me terribly much; I tend to use Thunderbird at home, and when I can use my Macbook Pro at the office, I use it for mail as well. But I have to admit, I’d love to be able to get rid of my many many filters, get rid of Squirrelmail, and get used to GMail’s interface for my webmail needs. The way Dreamhost manages their mail services is pretty much the only thing I don’t like about their services. Everything else though? Totally rocks. But I just made the changes, and sheesh if waiting isn’t the toughest part. I’m waiting for DNS to propagate, and while I know it can take days, sometimes it takes minutes, and well – I’m holding out hope. I probably shouldn’t, I should go to bed and let DNS take its course. The Net works in mysterious ways.

In other news, I’ve become inexplicably addicted to Plurk. I mean, Robert Scoble hates it, so there’s no reason not to love it, frankly. I still love me some Pownce, but man if Plurk doesn’t have a ton of really cool features. The ability to microblog (you’re limited to 140 characters, so keep it short, buddy) and then respond to other people’s plurks and participate in a discussion is a real win. The horizontal time line view is also really cool, as is the mobile page that has a more vertical linear view; and the way the service makes gaining “karma” kind of a game is also fun. At the same time though, it could definitely be easier to plurk – they have a mobile page sure, and the site isn’t hard to use, but I could use a desktop app or something. Maybe I’m just missing the Pownce app that uses Adobe AIR that I generally keep running in the background. I shouldn’t complain about having to go to a website, really. Either way, if you’re curious, here I am at Plurk. It’s kind of scary how addictive the service is.

I still haven’t picked up my costumes for Otakon. I really ought to do that, especially since it looks like something like half of the people who were excited about coming to the con a few months ago are actually bailing on us now, which drives up the cost for everyone. I kind of expected it, but I’m still a little disappointed. Even so, I think it’ll still be a good time, and here’s hoping some of them change their mind.

Next week I get the office to myself without my boss’s presence. It’s something of a vacation. Unfortunately, my direct report is moving to another group because he’s the best candidate for the job, and while I enjoyed managing him, we’re already on the lookout to hire someone new. The trouble is that I and my boss disagree on who that person should be – big surprise. Without getting into all of details, we have a fundamental difference on what their most important skillset should be, either technical or administrative. Ten bucks to the first person who can guess what I find more valuable in an IT group. Anyway, he’s already trying to strongarm me into talking to someone whose resume he found – and frankly, whose resume I don’t think is a good fit. We’ll see how this turns out, but suffice to say my plan “b,” as it were, is taking shape.

Anyway, I’m wiling away the evening thinking about what I could make my first post over at the Azeroth Metblogs should be about, and rather enjoying a Sam Adams Boston Lager – mostly because I finished the Black Lager last night. So far, so good on the relaxing weekend front. The only thing that makes me sad is that it’ll be over oh too quickly.

Oh! Before I forget. I seem to have fallen in love with an instrument I’ve heard a number of times but only recently pinned down; the Celesta. Listen for the glassy, almost xylophone/bell-y sound in this funky disco house track, and you’ll know what I mean:

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