i might need some time off

Posted on Wednesday 20 August 2008

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So there I was, sitting at the office, grumbling to myself about how tired I was and how much I want to go home, and then I decide to check my email. I see this (click to embiggen):

beta mail

Which led to the predictable shock and awe. I had to leave – I had to hurry home, I had to tell someone! I managed to keep it in until I picked up Raevyn, just to see the look on her face.

Got home, and that message led to a little of this:

beta upgrade

And now I’m downloading the beta client. It’s slow enough that I doubt I’ll get to play tonight, but tomorrow! Oh tomorrow, there will be Northrend. And likely all this weekend.

I might need some time off. Perhaps “working from home.”

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