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Posted on Monday 1 June 2009

sense :: hearing // Dawn of the Dead – Does It Offend You, Yeah? (Station X Rmx)

lelouch in the wind

Finally settling in; I mean really settling in. There’s food in the cabinets and in the fridge, cold drinks to be had, a clean floor devoid of boxes, and electronic toys all set up and shiny. I’m really finally getting used to calling this place home. But I really need to hang some curtains in the master bedroom – sheesh the light wakes me up early. I mean, not so early that I should keep sleeping before going to the office, but damn I miss having a dark bedroom. As soon as I find the right curtain rod, I’ll get on that.

In other news, I’ve been in love with City Face, a short, in-between comic by the artist behind Gunnerkrigg Court. Maybe it’s because that pigeon is my freaking hero. Maybe because I’d like to meet a city fairy who will tell me how shiny my neck feathers are and how I can meet a lady pigeon who will appreciate my neck bobbing and shiny feathers.

I’ve been so buried in music lately that I’d all but forgotten about other things; I’ve discovered dozens of new bands in the past couple of months, partially because music always speaks to me in times of difficulty, but one song I mentioned in my last entry that I stopped in the parking lot to listen to in the middle of the night was Growing Old is Getting Old by the Silversun Pickups. Specifically this snippet of lyric:

Maybe we’re sealed in silence
And maybe we feel a guidance
Maybe your own devices
Will keep you afraid and cold
But i

Your smile lines
From left to right

God I can’t even begin to explain how much those lyrics struck the heart of me. And the way the lead singer almost cries the chorus:

And we sing, sing, sing.
Fight, we fight, we fight.
We cry, cry, we cry.
We slide, slide, we slide into the light.

is absolutely phenomenal. There’s a yearning in her voice that I want to reach out and remedy, if not feel for myself. But then, that’s how music has always been for me; a series of feelings that I can only try to share with others in one way or the other. I hope I manage to communicate it.

In other musical news, I’ve been gushing over Camera Obscura, Passion Pit, and Great Northern lately – bands that are kind of alt-indie-electronic-pop-ish-ness, if you know what I mean. They’re not all, either – I’m actually really lucky I’ve managed to find so much new music, and TheSixtyOne has been helping, but I’ve also been listening to a lot of yrock on WXPN out of Philadelphia. I got turned on to the station while visiting my parents, and I’ve been listening to the station enough to tune in online when I’m back in Maryland and out of signal range.

Anyway, if you’re looking for another way to stay in touch with me, follow @halophoenix over on Twitter. Between that and hanging out at Plurk, I’m pretty obsessive about the micro-blogging services. More words from more voices are always good things.

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