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Posted on Friday 3 July 2009

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I’ve found myself thinking more and more about this video lately, ever since one of my friends on plurk shared it a couple of weeks ago. Every time I watch it I get the travel bug a little worse than I had it before. I’ve already come to realize that even money isn’t a huge obstacle to getting out and seeing the world from time to time. I asked my parents to help me put together a list of places we visited when I was a child and we lived in Europe for an eventual tour of those places when I can afford to take a few weeks off and see some of them again.

I have so many memories of living in Europe and the places I went and things I saw, some of them faded, some of them rich and vivid in my mind. I can only imagine the rush of emotion and memories I’d have if I had the opportunity to, for example, stand on the Eiffel Tower again or walk through the fields of tulips and watch the windmills in the Netherlands.

At the same time, I’m continually impressed by the journey that Christoph Rehage is working through, walking from China to Germany. You can follow his trip over a The Longest Way. The video above is an inspiration though, and reminds me how much a little travel and a little perspective can completely change a person.

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