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Posted on Sunday 27 September 2009

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Big week – lots of writing to do for freelancing gigs, and big things happening at the day job. On the up-side though, at the end of the week I’ll be in a much better position to keep pushing forward. I just need to get my hustle on; get up, do my thing, buckle down and write whenever I have a few free seconds. Can’t slack too much – so guys, if you don’t see me in-game much this week, you’ll know why. I may wind up spending some nights logged out of warcraft and logged into Microsoft Word. That doesn’t mean I’m not up for company though: shoot me an IM or something.

Maybe after work tomorrow I should drop by the liquor store – I get the feeling I’ll be through a couple of bottles of wine and this bottle of scotch by the end of the week. It’s always a little easier to write with a drink by my side – it’s not so much that the alcohol makes it easier, it’s that it just feels right. Kinda classy. Hard to explain, but you writers out there know how I feel.

Hopefully when I have some of these big pieces finished I’ll have a little free time to work on my secret blogstorming project. I’ve been meaning to devote some time to it, I just need to take some photos, drum up some intro articles, and publish them before I announce it to the world. It’s funny – normally when I know there’s just more work waiting for me when I finish one task I get kind of depressed. With writing, it’s not that way at all – I’m actually really looking forward to finishing the writing I’m doing so I can move on to the writing I’m going to do.

Speaking of writing and blogging and such, David Pogue himself found my latest Spinning Gears column at Gears and Widgets, titled What’s Wrong with Good Reviews? (or, Why Snark is the Mind-Killer) and commented! Best of all, he thought it was well penned, so that’s a huge boost for me. I’m doing something right! The artist and author of the Joy of Tech that I linked (and pasted) in the column dug the post as well, so I’m more than glad for that too.

The best part is that I wrote the column by and large because that particular TWiT episode pushed me over the edge; I’d been thinking about the epidemic of crank in our geekly ranks for a while now, and it’s kind of inspired me to do a few things of my own, hopefully with a little more class and a little less crank.

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