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Posted on Sunday 11 October 2009

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I was just thinking about writer’s block earlier today, and almost instantly while I was showering and getting myself together to head to the grocery store, words flew into my mind as if absolutely refuting the notion that I might possibly have writer’s block – well, literally refuting the notion I have writer’s block, frankly:

the words find me in the wee hours, like a lover awakened and desperate for attention long denied – crawling, hungry, urgent – wanting release, wanting to escape.

So much for that whole writer’s block thing. Here’s hoping the words let me sleep tonight.

I’ve been the manager on-call this week, and that on-call-ness ends tonight, so that should be something of a relief. All of the writing I mentioned I needed to do has been done (including a few revisions over the course of last week), so I think I’m in the clear to do a little personal writing and work on that secret project I’ve been meaning to work on for so long. The sad thing is that the day job so frequently has me completely tired out and demotivated by the end of the day that if I don’t hit the iron while it’s hot earlier in the day, I won’t wind up writing much of anything. Sometimes I think I need to take a vacation just to do the writing that I want to do.

In the same vein, my birthday is rapidly approaching. I don’t want to do a party or anything huge and social for what’s going to be a pretty landmark-y birthday, but I don’t know what I really want to do. I like the idea of celebrating landmarks with events over time-like celebrating my birthday every day for a week, or by promising to do something special for myself every yea-often. This year I’m thinking about making it somehting of a jubilee year, and pinching my pennies a little harder to see if I can travel a bit. Part of it is that my family has inspired me with stories of our travels when I was a child, and part of it that I’ve been eagerly watching Three Sheets lately and loving the drinking experiences the host has while traveling around the globe. There are a number of places he’s been that look like they could be a lot of fun to visit, and that’s not including the places I want to go back to and see how they’ve changed since I was a child.

In the meantime though, I’ll have to think of something nice to do for myself in the immediate future. I’ve been making sure to treat myself a little better in general lately – eating a lot better and exercising more. That’s something, but it might be time to go ahead and drop a little cash to rebuild my bar as well. Besides, liquor is easier on the diet than beer. If you guys have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I’m game to treat myself, all things considered.

Speaking of treating myself, the universe has been throwing more new music in my face lately – I asked my friends over at Plurk this question, so I may as well ask you guys too: do you guys still buy CDs, or are all of your music purchases digital?

I’ve stumbled upon a few new artists with different sounds lately: Baba Maal for one, who I heard an interview with on NPR and whose sound and personal activism I fell in love with, the jazzy sounds of Kylie Auldist to whom I was introduced thanks to David Bassin and Freefall Radio, and stumbled on Metric thanks to‘s WoW Insider Show that airs every Saturday. I was in the live chat this week, and the host that streams it, Mike Schramm usually throws down some music before the pre-show. He happened to play Gold Guns Girls, and for some reason the track shook me something fierce. Take a listen:

I love it, and I think I’ll be making some music purchases for my birthday as well. That being said, the other Metric song that everyone knows, Help, I’m Alive has been totally ruined for me by winding up in commercials for silly network sparkly vampire shows. I’m sure there’s more to the band though – I’ve heard some pretty solid remixes and covers of Help I’m Alive. My boss was kind enough to recognize me at the office for my hard work on the last big project, so I have a little bonus cash to strategically spend. Another cosmic birthday present, I imagine.

In any event, I should probably be abed if I’m not going to be useless tomorrow and perpetuate this cycle of being anything but motivated. Wish me luck, I’ve been trying to be interesting and prolific at the same time.

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    Tim Domestique
    October 12, 2009 | 4:58 pm

    I was totally dreaming of “screenwriters blues” last night. freaky.

    and yeah, I got NO IDEA what to do about 30, either. Honestly, it doesn’t help that B & I spent this summer overspending our means and we have zero expendable cash right now, but I can always cover by saying I’m paying more attention to Story’s birthday (which is true).

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