Friday 1 June 2001 // 0333 EST

Seeing: Lightning flickering between dark clouds...

Hearing: Aria -- Dido(Armin Remix)

Touching: A backpack of CDs to sell

Tasting: Mystic Zotics....Yuzu's from Japan!

And here we are again, summertime, doing that summer thing, trying to enjoy ourselves...I sold a bunch of CDs today, it sucked since CDepot kept me in there for hours without telling me that couldn't take any of my would have been nice if they had said something so I didn't waste my time...bleh. They had some good CDs though, maybe when I have a little money I'll go buy them, but I hate to walk in there again, they pissed me off today. The rents are away...they're gone for the week, doing their thing in florida, leaving the place all to myself...I've taken the opportunity mainly to play music really loud and play quake at all hours with the door open, but other than that it's been pretty uneventful....sorta. ;)

I think I need to start working again. The money is kind of necessary, and the only way to get money is to work, and I suppose I should get to that. It's been nice just chilling and vegging and whatnot, but I have to get to things, I have bills to pay and things I want to do...speaking of bills to pay, maybe I'll do that before I go to bed tonight. I'm kind of worried, I didn't hear from girl tonight, I hope she's okay, I know it was going to be a stressful night for her....I'm tempted to call, but it's 3 something in the morning. In the meantime, I picked up my Starscape tickets and it should promise to be a good time, I picked up a Gatecrasher compilation this afternoon while I was selling my CDs, and well, it ownz...I love it. I could listen to this all the time...and well damn, when I get a radio show, I'll definitely have new material for the meantime, I think I want to get busy downloading mp3s and burning CDs....I'm still thinking about stealing the CD burner in my parent's computer...they're not using it, hell, they don't even know how...but still, it's theirs, and I shouldn't take it, especially while I have my eyes on that TDK Velo-CD 12x10x8x40 for 249.99 at CompUSA....mmmyummy.

It's been nice and quiet lately. I've been able to sleep as long as I want to, do what I want to, it's been refreshing, and I'm not through with it yet, to be honest. :) I think I'm enjoying this. And as soon as my 500 feet of Cat-5 gets in from Iowa or Ohio or wherever I ordered it from, I'll get all my comptuers online at the same time and play some MAD counterstrike. I'm tired of smacking around the bots in q3...not to mention that I'm creeping up the difficulty levels bit by bit...I'm working my way through the game on Hardcore now, I beat Hurt Me Plenty tonight, it wasn't too much of a challenge...I'm thinking I need to play actual people more now, it's more of a challenge. Maybe play some rocket arena...but before I do that I'd have to work on my rocket jump...I usually wind up hurting myself more than I wind up in the air.

Everything else is wonderful, I might add...I have a few things in my head I need to work out, a few random emotions here and there, but ultimately I know what's important to me and what's for real...there are facades everywhere and distractions all over the place, but I really do need to focus on what's important...I need to get my energy back, take a pill to kill the headache, sleep some, just enough, and do what I have to do....feel what I have to feel, and touch what I have to touch. I've never been distracted before, I won't be now. I think I just need to rest, to write a little more, and to spend time with my beloved...girl always makes things allright...she's got a knack for it.

With that, I think maybe I need to shower, drink a cup of hot tea and some cough syrup, and lay my head down to sleep. If I'm lucky, I get to see girl tomorrow, and well, that'd make my day...I want to see the look on her face when I give her her Starscape ticket. ::sighs happily::