Saturday 1 September 2001 // 0517 EST

Seeing: The masses moving from class to class

Hearing: St. Etienne -- Cool Kids of Death

Touching: Used tissues

Tasting: Wendy's Big Bacon Classic...with pickles.

So much has happened, so much has changed. So many things have come around to where they were and other things have progressed to new levels....up or down, I don't know for sure. Classes have started, and that's one of the major things happening in my life, and for the first time ever I'm a commuter. I suppose this is going to be how it feels to go to werk in the morning and find a place to park and then go to werk. I sincerely hope that the parking situation at any possible place of employment I might have would be better than the situation on campus, which quite frankly is a pain in the ass. Noone told me that the lot I got a permit for would be half taken up by construction werk, so there goes that lot-I've already wound up parking in one of the farther lots, but then again, there looks like there's a Park and Ride bus on campus that does something, what that something is I'm not sure yet, but I'm about to find out. In the meantime, my courses look fun, the professors look eager to teach them, and I think I'll have a good time having all my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that could be the beginning of the year happy vibes getting to me. We'll see how things really turn out when the werkload starts. In the meantime, I need to sit down with my Palm and plug in all my professors' contact info, important points on the schedule, all that stuff. I think I walked into my classes this semester without fear and without expectations, which previously I wasn't able to do because I was an RA and bogged down with werk before classes even started...too bad I didn't get to live on campus this year, the suite that the other guys are living in looks really cool and I'm sad I didn't get to stay in there with them, it's nice. In the meantime, I suppose home will have to do.

For a while anyway. My parents will be up any moment because they're going up to Pennsylvania to look at a house they want to buy, so it's official-they'll be moving a little ways north in just under a year, pretty much right after I graduate from college. Me? Well, part of me will go with them, but I'm looking at jobs and careers in the DC metro area, so I'll probably wind up staying here a bit. It's kind of daunting knowing that the next time I pack up my stuff here will be when I'm moving into my own place, with rent and stuff like that. Boy, now that creeps me out. I'm all grown up, huh?

But not too grown to not spend way too much time playing video games. I was telling my friend Natalie that if I didn't play as much CounterStrike as I do, then I'd have so much more time to do things with my life...the only trouble is I wouldn't know what to do. In the meantime I'll probably wind up werking on those days that I don't have class, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays maybe after my radio show, in order to make a little bit of money. I think I'll start that next week when I decide when I want to be daring enough to go in to werk. Unfortunately the idea of sleeping in and not having anything to do those days is VERY tempting, but I do need to pay off my credit card and save some money-I think I've decided that this will be the week I treat myself to a new car CD player. I'm gonna pick one out tomorrow and see about buying it after I pay my bills.

Plastic Bohemia is back on the air, and I'm thrilled, I had a great show this morning...whatever, and I had a lot of fun, and Kevin(aka DJ Shivers) is taking over Ben's slot right after me, so that's not too bad. I'm kind of pissed that Dave(Crisis) didn't get a show like I was hoping he would, but you never know, I was thinking of offering him like a residency on my show or something, let him come in once a month or do some latenight mixdowns with me or something. I love what that boy throws down. In the meantime, I need to break out my box of mixtapes so I'll have something to listen to when I'm walking around campus. No more biking for me, but that's okay-since the bike from where i park would be HELL getting to class...getting back would be no problem, but getting there...ugh. It's probably better that I do walk. I've concluded I need about an hour or just a little more to get to campus, parked, and to takes like 20-30 minutes to get to campus, then I have to park and walk to class, and that can be another 20-30 minutes. That's not even including the time I take to get up and get ready. At least there's no real wasted time there, as long as I'm doing stuff I don't mind. Oh the life of a commuter. Oh well, it'll all be over soon, eh? I'll be graduating in May, and that'll be the end of that. I suppose I should start doing things like looking for potential places to live and people to live with...we'll see how all that werks out in the long run. I mean geez, the semester just started, I probably shouldn't let my mind wander this much.

I missed the foam party tonight. I meant to go, but it didn't happen. Just as well, the flyers I was supposed to pick up from John Tab didn't get made, and it rained and poured so I don't even know if the foam happened. So I kind of sat around tonight being ADD and sexually frustrated, which I suppose is a constant state of mind for me, at least lately. Listening to the likes of Belinda Carlisle and Art of Trance in the same breath, playing videogames, running out to fast good places in the middle of the night for snacks. Perhaps I should manage to get to bed sometime soon, it'll be interesting to sleep while it's still dark outside.

Oh yes, you should download MilkDrop from if you don't have it already...and while you're at it, download the world famous Geiss if you don't have that too. MilkDrop is a Geiss-like plugin for Winamp, but I think it improves a LOT on what Geiss offered-it's a lot more oriented with the beats of the music, and it's a generally neater-it's not just constantly flowing, it does a much better job of detecting the best settings for itself and going with the music, slow or fast. I love it, and you will too, I promise. If you're not 100 percent satisfied, I'll give you your money back. Yeah, that's right-it's free, so you get jack if you don't like it. But you probably will. Like it, I mean, not...oh nevermind.

I'm going to put up some more links soon, there are some other pages that I've found more than interesting lately, and I think I'm going to include them on my links page. In the process of scouring the web for more and more interesting personal websites, I come on some of them now and again that capture my interest and I wind up reading them all the time, like Hepkitten's site, or Emma's Caoine, or Joanna's Well, Yeah or mmmbed. Something about personally revealing websites that I like. Couldn't you tell? And eventually I'll wind up putting up links to some more of the webcomics I like to read, since they're really good and deserve more attention. A lot of these people are people my age making a happy webcomic and trying to make a little extra money from it, not even as a profession or a job, but they're trying to have fun and pay for webhosting at the same time, and hey-why not try and make it profitable if you enjoy it? You never know, it could be your job...god bless the boys at Megatokyo, The Jar, Little Gamers, and Penny Arcade for making my life that much more interesting, bearable, and filled with side-cramping-eye-tearing laughter(and trust me, I've left out WAY too many comics in that little mention). So when they ask you to contribute, go ahead and give a few bucks, hell, why not? I'm gonna get around to buying my Black Mage t-shirt from the kids at 8-bit Theatre anytime now.

In the meantime, we'll see what happens around here. You never really know when something odd is going to come out and surprise you-and with everything else looking like it's about to settle into a nice little routine again, I wonder what it'll be. Keep your guard up, I say.

Like I always do.