Sunday 3 March 2002 // 1915 EST

Seeing: Funny orange gel-capsules

Hearing: DJ Shadow -- Midnight in a Perfect World

Touching: A vinyl copy of Flaming June

Tasting: Ben and Jerry's Phish Food

God damn I've been busy lately.
I'm sorry I haven't been around a ton or updated in ages, it's been too long...but between trying to keep the Electronic Dance Music Club in one piece, trying to do well with my schoolwork, keeping my sanity, helping out with all these random parties, doing the radio show, and staying healthy, it's been VERY busy the past few weeks, it's been bad enough trying to find time to sleep. I was sick the first week of classes because I managed to catch some flu variant and be sick for a week, and now again I manage to get sick...personally I think it's because of Resonate, I was all tired and sweaty from dancing all night and my lungs were clogged with smoke and everything, and then I had the nerve to stay another like 2 hours to help clean up the venue, move all the equipment and everything out into trucks into the cold morning air and whatnot, while I was sweaty and icky...I think that's when I got sick again. Ah well, at the very least, Resonate was a great time.

Seriously, I've said before that I would never wear a Kickdrum Productions badge, and that I would never support or help out with their parties, but I went back on that for this one...I don't really remember why. Anyway, it was a good time, helping set up, smoking a few cloves, getting Katie's artwork hung on the walls(which hopefully managed to get her some work in flyer design and whatnot), and getting the party started, it was a lot of fun. The party went relatively well, I mean, the soun in the main room went out like 4 times, but that's okay-and the turnout wasn't as large as the organizers wanted for the amount of money they spent on the party, but all in all I think the people who came had a good time and the DJs who spun had a good time...personally talking, I think it all comes down to the fact that they're trying to carve out a niche in the Baltimore/DC scene for techno, and there really isn't's going to be hard to draw people out to a techno party AND make money off of it at the same'll have to choose one or the other...once you build a repuatation for throwing really good parties, you can jack up the ticketprices and go for the more flamboyant approach. The 20 dollar entrance fee for this party was a bit much too...a lot of people aren't even going to consider spending 20 bucks on a lineup of people they either don't know, never have heard of, or could hear spin for free or much less than 20 bucks...but all in all, the people who didn't spend the money missed on hell of a party.

At the end of the night, when TyT was on the decks, he threw down some of the most beautiful progressive trance that I've ever had the opportunity to hear was really impressive...I mean, he let out classics and vocals, contemporaries and oldies, a ton of tracks that kept me moving for the first time in a really long time...the first time I had the opportunity to say to myself that the music wouldn't let me stop was so much fun...and he finished off the night with BT's Flaming June, which just did it for me...I talked to him after is set because I had to get Camille's(Dee Jay Clutch) needles off the tables in that room, and told him how much I love Flaming June and how's it's been on my vinyl wishlist for ages, he straight up gave me the record.
Straight GAVE it to me. I was like "well isn't my life a scene out of Groove? But all in all, it made me way happy-I'm one record closer to completing my vinyl wishlist, and to be totally honest, I'm glad because now I'm more solid than ever in my endeavor to buy new turntables...the deal is still on with Dave(Crisis)'s friend Becca to sell me her pair of Technics 1200s M3D's and a three-channel mixer for a grand. Yeah, I know, that's a lot of money, but I'm almost halfway there, and she says I can pay half of it at the end of March and the other half by the end of May...that shouldn't be so bad, and I've got myself budgeted out so I can do that, providing I don't spend an assload of money on something else crazy. I've been doing pretty good so far suffering for what I want, I think I can keep it up. Then I'll just have to start buying a ton of records...hehe..>I think I've started an addiction.

So yeah, if anyone wants to get in on that early graduation present or belated birthday present and help me out with the Alan-Needs-To-Buy-Turntables Fund, go ahead and email me and I'll tell you where to send your check or money order. ::giggle::

Anyway, aside from all of that, I think I've been managing to keep up on things, so with any luck I think I'll manage to hang in there...even as our house is starting to get more cluttered and crowded because my parents insist on going through everything and packing everything up two months before we move, and while I sit in my room trying to maintain some semblence of sanity about it all, I think I'll make it. I'm not looking forward to this whole moving out thing, or to this whole being homeless for three weeks while they're in their new house and I'm waiting to graduate and trying to study for exams and write papers, but it has to be done, right? Sometimes I think that the biggest mistake I've made in a really long time was not to suck it up and be an RA again so I could live on campus while all this shit happened....I wouldn't have had to go through the whole "take mom to work" nonsense last semester and over the winter, I wouldn't have to deal with this now, I wouldn't have to deal with my parents always trying to parent me, I wouldn't have to deal with a lot of things...but all in all, I'm glad I did live at home, but for no other reason than that I had a chance to make things right with that certain someone and start again with them...hopefully from a better point of view than ever before. Sometimes fate just draws you places you thought you'd never be...or places where you've been before.

In other news, Human Sexuality is the best class ever. Following up in that regard are Death Education, 18th Century Art, and Philosphy of Science ties with Electrodynamics because at least my physics professor is a cool guy so that makes that class cool even if the work is a pain, but Philosophy of Science doesn't seem serious and it's pretty chill, even if it bores me to tears sometimes...

It's not although I haven't been keeping busy lately though, I mean, keeping up with all the people who have managed to be interesting enough to run through my life lately is one thing...Katie has been keeping me more than busy, Raevyn has been making VERY interesting evening conversation, and I still want to know if Zannah has managed to get my birthday present yet! Thanks to all you kids who have been kind enough to bother me on a regular basis and talk to me and be nice and leave me IMs and everything. I'm not even going to start a list, because then people will get mad if I leave them out. In other news, life has been totally more interesting now that I end my day with a class in Art-Sociology so I have to walk through major campus people centers to get back to my car(which is in Lot 5 now, THANK GOD...the only good thing campus parking has ever done for me was give me that kick ass permit..) so I wind up walking past lots of people I haven't seen in ages and giving them a ride home or to wherever they need to be and's good to be social again even though I'm forced to live at home...and's werk. It's kind of a pain in the butt because the atmosphere at the Helpdesk is changing, the recent campus outbreak of the W32.Klez virus has kept me busy, but all in all, since I'm the only student who works at the helpdesk, I wind up taking the brunt of the work because I'm the part-time employee, I'm the one who's been there the longest so everyone ask me questions, but at the same time, I'm always the last one to leave the place at the end of the day, I'm the one who gets paid the least and does the most work, I'm the one who takes all the calls, I'm the one who's missed if he doesn't show up, I'm the one who's not important enough to actually have his schedule MADE rather than just adding hours when I'm supposed to be there...I love it, I don't have a schedule, I just show up and add my hours...noone's bothered to actuall change my schedule over from the winter break yet...yeah, that's about how important the student employees are there. I mean, I was mad enough when they tried to get rid of us all, but now the way I'm treated is rather indicative of how little they want me there. Oh well, the schedule thing works out to my advantage anyway, so I won't bother complaining more about it, and the staying late thing pissses me off, but I can fix that easy enough by working to the same standard that the rest of them do....
sheesh, I really need to find a job that'll take me on at the end of the semester when I need a real full time position...

That search is going pretty well, some people say "call me when you graduate," and some people say "we'll hold on to your resume," although since I"m so new to the whole job hunting thing that I don't know if that's meaninful at all or not...but regardless, we'll see. I still have to look, and since I've been sick it's cut back on my looking...I usually look when I'm at work, and when I'm sick I don't go to work, heh. Oh well.

I know,I know, it sounds kind of like a downer, but trust me, I have faith in myself and in the future, and crap with the helpdesk will be over soon, even if that means I get a full time job THERE, at least that'll be something, and crap with job hunting will go well, I know it, and I'll eventually graduate and move into my own place with my own turntables and get myself out of debt and I'll be happy. :) I have faith. You should too! At least in me, heh.

With that, I think some Physics homework and some Death Education studying is calling my name. I'd better take care of that, since I'll be missing class to get an oil leak fixed tomorrow. Now if only all my little annoyances were so easy to repair...