Monday 4 February 2002 // 2236 EST

Seeing: York, Pennsylvania...and the new house my parents are having built...

Hearing: Tori Amos -- Rasberry Swirl

Touching: Textbooks

Tasting: Macaroni and Cheese


There's a lot to be said for From The Choirgirl Hotel, that Tori album that stirred things up a while ago because it was DJ mixed. I wound up listening to it again for the first time in a while and realized exactly why I liked it so much. I mean it was the last Tori concert I went to, and personally I thought it elicted way more fanfare than Strange Little Girl which I haven't even picked up, although I feel kind of guilty about that. Maybe I'll do some downloading.

Anyway, can you believe it's February? Already 2 months into the new year, although in some ways it feels like it's not even 2002. I'm still not totally used to writing 2002 on documents, it's so strange. At least this year I'll have a valentine to spend the day with, and that'll make it all that much more special. Now if only I weren't so god damned broke trying to get things accomplished I could buy her a suitable Valentine's Day present. It's so strange thinking into the very near future and realizing that my parents will be moving out of here in about 3 months, and I'll be graduating in about 4...and that's not much time at all. I'll be walking down across the stage, with a VERY expensive piece of paper and 4 years of dedicated knowledge in my head...hopefully someone out there is willing to pay me for that knowledge, because I'm still looking for full-time openings...if anyone knows anyone who needs in an IT specialist who hasn't been certified yet, let me know. I'm about to buckle, say screw the classes, go buy some books, and just take the tests that way...I know I can pass them no problem. In the meantime I'll bide my time and eventually get back to werk at the Helpdesk, because I know I took the first week of classes or so off and I should get back there sometime soon. At least tomorrow I have a short day, my professor cancelled my early morning Physics class because he has jury duty, and my last class is cancelled because the professor is in London, so I have 3 classes, all of them easy. I start my day with Human Sexuality, how awesome is that?

Oh, by the way, my tentative schedule(being everything not including werk) is here, so you can see where I am at any given time.

Hmm. Now I'm listening to DJ Dan's CD, Another Late Night. Reminds me a lot of Camille(Dee Jay Clutch), who, by the way, won the big Electronic Dance Music Club and KickDrum Productions DJ contest, so he'll be spinning at Resonate, their big party coming up on the 23rd of February, so we're all really proud of him, he really is an awesome DJ, more than worthy of the title. I was going to roll up to his houseparty on the 2nd(last Saturday) with a bottle of wine or something for him, but I didn't know what he liked...we toasted a screwdriver and called it even. Speaking of DJ stuff, Dave(Crisis) offered to teach me how to spin, so fridays after Plastic Bohemia I'll be heading down to his place to play on the decks for a while and learn how to beatmatch and whatnot. I want to tell him to seriously start from the beginning and don't assume I know anything, because everything I might think I know could very well be wrong, heh. Then I'll need to head up to the studio and hang out sometimes, pay for a little studio time and get re-aquainted with the people there, it'll be good to have a place to go and hang out and whatnot again-haven't been to the studio in a while.

So otherwise everything is turning out really well...I think I'm doing the best now that I have been in a really long time. Oh crud, did I mention that Andrea Frederick is getting married?! She IS! Down in Florida, in perfect time for me to head down there during Spring Break...a stop in Ft. Pierce for Andrea's wedding, and then down to Miami for the Winter Music Conference, and hopefully another Ultra party...this should be bomb. I'm all about going back to Florida for Spring Break....I deserve to get away to someplace tropical, especially to have a good time. Maybe this time I can stay somewhere where breathing isn't a significant problem and I'll have a place to sleep that's not a closet. ;) That's not to say I didn't have an amazing time last spring, cause I did-seriously that was probably the most exciting and fun spring break I've ever taken, and I want to keep going up on the scale.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault has been sucking up my time lately, and to be perfectly honest, I keep thinking that if I play it any more I'll start dreaming about it or something, and that creeps me out, heh. I'll resort to playing other games to kill time so I don't have that unfortunate situation. Anyway, in other news, I've been thinking about what to do with Nova Netwerks after I graduate, I'll have to find hosting and whatnot, and I've been looking at some options, but nothing even close to final, I'm still very preliminary....if you have any ideas, shoot me off an email and let me know what you think. I'm also still looking at cars, and my preference in vehicles changes almost every time I talk to someone about it, so I'm not even going to get into that. I like to pretend I'm a car shopper that actually has plans to buy one, when in reality I'm sure I won't seriously consider buying a car until my little blue volvo is about done, and I think that'll be a while yet. :) It's running pretty nice for a 16 year old car. Now if only the weather would get warmer so I can wash the poor thing...

This semester is looking really good. Even Physics isn't as intimidating as I thought it might be, and the other classes are amazing if not straight easy-I mean, Human Sexuality and Death Education are classes I can sit in and not even realize time is passing, and Philosophy of Science is taught by someone that I know. I'm not totally sure what we're supposed to be LEARNING in that class yet, but I'm sure it'll pick up some. 18th Century Art is another class that can be boring sometimes, but I tend to get totally wrapped up in the art and the descriptions and learning about the people and the time period associated with that art, so I can sit there and not notice time is passing either...definitely a good schedule for a last semester at college. I'm thrilled. The semester will go well. Now all I have to do is get my booty in gear about finding a real job. I can't depend on the hiring freeze to lift and for me to be win a position with OIT after I graduate...although that would be wonderful. We'll just have to see.

Speaking of which, I should go modify my timesheet. That'll take a few hours. Maybe I'll call Katie, she always has something fun to say and do. ;) Gotta love that girl.

Peace out.