Tuesday 4 June 2002 // 1256 EDT

Seeing: New walls, new floor.

Hearing: Kristine Blonde -- Loveshy

Touching: A class ring on my finger

Tasting: Scrambled Eggs


I moved again.
Sorry about this past month, it's been hectic. Between finally graduating college, finishing things up with the EDMC for the year, getting prepped for my gig at the Edge Nightclub on the 15th of June at Synchronicity, and perhaps most importantly looking for a job to make ends meet(I'm serious, phoenix about to die, needs cash badly), things have been pretty busy. I just moved into the new house with Rob and his sibs, and hopefully our friend Jas will be moving in with us at the end of the summer and Amy(and hopefully her god-forsaken dog) will be leaving at the end of the summer too to go to New Mexico for school. In the meantime, I'm all but unpacked and settled in, I just need to set up my Macintosh and everything and I'll be all set....but to to that I need to buy my new desk, something that requires money, money that I don't really have right now. I suppose I'll be going downstairs to call up the parents and beg for money later this afternoon. We'll see.

I hate being dependant on anyone for anything to tell the truth, my parents just bought a new car and they're paying on the house they just bought and all, and the last thing they need is for me to come with my tail between my legs begging for money when I really ought to be standing on my own. Oh well, I'll ask for help this month and call it quits after that, no matter what happens. I've got to do this for myself. I'm out of school, I'm a fucking astrophysicist for god's sake-you'd think I would be able to make some money. Thanks to Katie, I figured out that I needed a more agressive strategy for applying for jobs-leaving my resume is good and all, but I need to actually take contact information and call the phone numbers listed there-it's harder for people to actually say no when they have you on the line. I've found that a lot of people are willing to just put you off to their website and tell you that if they're interested they'll call you, but eh-it's a good plan and so far it's gotten more consideration and effort out of people than simply submitting my resume online has. We'll see where this leads. In the meantime, I have some other options.

With Arundel Mills Mall right across the street from here, I can take a part-time pissy little job to pay the bills and give me some spending money while I look for a real job, but the problem with that is that I keep feeling like I'm betraying myselfby taking a stupid job when I could have a real, high paying one. Oh well-gotta pay the bills somehow, pride or no pride. I was thinking about being a waiter at Jillians or something, or maybe selling music and movies at FYE. I could work at Muvico or serve coffee at Books A Million. I think I'd be happiest at one of the prior two, but we'll see how things turn out...

Oh yeah, my hand-a couple of weeks ago I was about to make some Hamburger Helper when I was still at the old house on Hughes Road in Adelphi-I had put some oil in the pan and heated it up, and went to get the ground beef to brown(yeah, I know you don't need oil in the pan to brown ground beef) and while I was cutting the ground beef out of the plastic I noticed that the oil was starting to burn and the house was starting to fill up with smoke-I grabbed the pan and the hot oil that I had put in the pan splashed out of the pan and all over the top of my left hand. I bounced around like an idiot for a while and eventually wound up running downstairs to Lauren for help-she lent a hand and I put the burn under hot running water for something like 15 minutes, after which it still hurt like a bitch, so after putting some neosporin and everything on it and wrapping it up, it still didn't feel any better at all, so we called 911 to ask for advice..I just wanted to know if I should drive myself to the hospital, but they insisted on sending someone out to take a look at me, so they did, and I wound up in the ER of Washington Adventist hospital, getting treated for second degree burns. It was all fat and blistery for about a week or so, and then eventually they drained...I thought it was ironic that all of this happened the weekend before graduation, but at least the nice people at the health center gave me a little glove thing to wear over my gauze. It's not completely healed yet, but I don't have to keep it covered or anything anymore-I can keep it out in the open, but the coloration hasn't completely come back yet-it's very pinkish-reddish with brown spots where the melanin is starting to spead out. I'm freckled.

Anyways, wish me luck with the whole healing thing, not to mention the job thing, and not to mention the spinning thing...it's a lot to be nervous about, but with any luck things will turn out nicely and soon everything will be back to normal. I'm just not a big fan of having things hanging in the balance of something that may or may not actually happen.

Just my personal quirkiness, I guess.

Katie meanwhile got an interview with a pretty big graphic design firm, The Hughes Group, and they're taking second interview with her and everything...wish I had that kind of luck, heh. She's probably landed the job already, but it'll be good industry experience for her, much better than Bertucci's, but she's still talking about working there on the weekends or evenings when she's not working the real job....she's such a bright girl.

In the meantime, she's kind of an inspiration, letting me know that the possibilities exist out there and I need to get my hands around them-I just need to do something, because doing nothing is going to get me nowhere. So wish me luck, and wish her luck while you're at it. I think we both have a lot on the line.

Making something of ourselves. That's what it's all about, right?