Tuesday 5 June 2001 // 2124 EST

Seeing: Stacks of CDs to alphebetize

Hearing: RealAudio Stream(mmmdeephouse) Naked Music at Smart Bar

Touching: puddles. ;)

Tasting: Miso Soup...

Hmm...I'm proud of myself. :) It's been a good week, what with my parents being away in Florida having an awesome time and me up here taking care of things...and by taking care of things, I mean, getting my Starscape tickets, which will be in four short days, and spending lots of time with my baby...on top of it all, I think I'm finally properly unpacked and whatnot from school and all...I just have some more CDs to alphebetize, and I'll try and finish that up tonight. I was tempted to send email to my list tonight, but I figured that updating my website was a little more...well..regular, and I didn't think I had anything to say that really applied to the whole list, so I'll let you all see it and read it if you so desire.

I'm thinking about a few changes to Nova Netwerks, or more particularly to Plastic Bohemia-I wans to put up a series of dissertations or essays that I want to write regarding the electronic music scene in general or some topics in specific...I've been thinking a lot about the kind of thing I would normally post on raver.net but I don't anymore, mainly because the board there has turned into more useless babble and random talk about little things like how people's day has gone and the current state of their relationship and how their friends that noone else on the board knows are doing than really anything else..not that I think anyone should stifle how they feel or their self-expression, but I miss the days when the board was full of inpsired thought and enlightened thinking, when people shared their opinions about life, the scene, the music, and all sorts of things, and now it's kind of..well...juvenile. Anyway, the point being that I've been thinking about things like why partykids are afraid of sober partykids, why they don't like talking to us and they don't like associating with us, whether it's because they feel guilty, they think we don't understand them, or whether they think we look down on them because we're sober...I've been thinking about the explosion of electronic dance music in the united states and what took the USA so long to catch on to the same trends and styles of music that europe and asia embraced so quickly, whether or not it's just an american fear of dancing, or what...and I've been thinking a lot about the state of the scene, the people in it, and how people disrespect it and what we might be able to do to save it...I can't say it's a guide to save the scene or anything, just my opinions and my ideas...where we've been, where we might be going. I think it's worth including on Plastic Bohemia, and I think it's something worth talking about on the air when I get the chance.

On top of that, well, what else is new? Heh..our collective 500 feet of Cat5 came in the mail a few days ago, so now I can happily say that all 4 computers in our house are online at the same time, the two in my room, and the two downstairs...even though I don't think I managed it through the most legal of methods....but it works, and my router is happily cranking out bandwidth, and I'm thrilled.

Starscape...4 short days and I'm really looking forward to it...everyone's bitching about the lineup and how it's not all that, but you know what? I'm happy I'll get to hear some new DJs, maybe find someone I'll like that I haven't heard of before, someone else whose name will attract me to a party, more than some of the people I know already, I'm thinking I need to expand my horizions a little, hear some more new stuff, and I think this will be a good opportunity. Party reviews and pictures..heh..that's something else I can put up...the pictures from Ultra and Starscape and everything in between will be coming shortly. ;) I just have to get them all developed. Need to get paid...I was going to buy a new outfit for Starscape, but I'll settle for my silver pants and something else interesting up top. Maybe after Starscape I'll go back to work, it'll be nice to hit the helpdesk again, and I think it'll be good to get out and about and making money, especially at a job that I enjoy. I have yet to hear from NSA about my clearance, but considering the last poly went well, I think everything will be okay.

Oh yeah, I should update my links page with the webcomics I like to read...if not just for you, for me when I'm away from my computer with all my bookmarks...I tend to use my own links page as a jumper for something to do when I'm away from my computer, I find it helps me find interesting websites to look at...but hell, I'm starting to run through even my extensive list of bookmarks...if you've seen any interesting websites, email me, I'd love to take a look. :) Hell, I really should add a lot more sites to my links.

So my parents are home now, and I'm chillin in my room, listening to some good deep house that my girl Erin sent me, while we collectively puddled the place when we recognized the tracks that were getting spun...heh..I love that girl. Deep house, I need to get more into that stuff...classy raver stuff, you know what I mean...good shit. So mom and dad are home, and I'm chillin here in my room...the server is active, by the way, I changed the link on the front page to take you to it, although it's usualyl on duckie, cause, well, in my room, it's hard to keep it on myself, since I'll spontaneously undress and nap and whatnot...but I'll do my best.

Well, maybe I'll play a little Counterstrike and then watch Star Trek and organize CDs...I get to go grocery shopping in the morning, heh..the joys of being at home. Until then, kids.