Thursday 6 August 2001 // 1317 EST

Seeing: A brand new Dell laptop...that's not mine.

Hearing: Tonic -- If You Could Only See

Touching: Fresh laundry

Tasting: Pepperoni Pizza Combos

I'm really hungry. Not like I really have much to do about it, I'm pretty much broke, I got a nice fat paycheck, but in order to comply with my plan for financial security, I'm sending large portions of my paycheck off to the credit card company and then paying off any other bills that come my way, so that left me this week with money for gas and that's about it, no running about for me until I get a few more dollars in my pocket, but I'll be okay for the time being, hey, there's nothing wrong with a few nights at people's houses with some nachos and some good friends and a little music, just as long as we're not bored all the time. I suppose I'm not too used to getting up and out every night, but I don't mind going to someone else's house and doing something interesting as long as wherever I go I'm not bored...I suppose that's the key, and I'll have to make my own excitement from now on, what with only having money for gas for a while. The rents go out of town next week, and I'll need to find something to do other than werk to have fun, so we'll see what happens..the most I might ask you to do is give me a couple of bucks for gas. ;) In the meantime, I think I'll go home and make some nachos-hey, all I need is the cheese, and that shouldn't be too hard to get. So yeah. I never made it to Buzz this friday, but eh, that's okay. I was thinking about going this weekend, but it's some kind of Madonna tribute, and I don't know if I'm really in the mood for that, especially because a lot of people are probably going to show up hoping Madonna will and of course she won't-but it matters little to be honest, it'll be crowded and wall to wall and whatnot anyway...not that I'm a fan or anything, I prefer a lot of Madonna's older stuff than her newer material anyhoo. But we'll see what happens-who knows what the future holds-tomorrow is far enough away that I don't want to even think about Friday.

Oh, check this out-you can make and design your own superhero, it's awesome, mine has wings and swords and stuff, he's nifty. You can even save them, I think, but I was at werk, so I didn't try. So there's something to amuse yourself with while I'm not around.

So I've been spending a lot of time Bejeweling and playing Atomica just for kicks, and hey, they're fun little online games that I can waste time with, why wouldnt I want to...especially sitting at werk, I have nothing better to do really. I kind of wish I could listen to music here, but no dice. I'm not really looking forward to the drive home though, rush hour traffic is no friend of mine. So in the meantime we'll see about getting home and any interesting thoughts I might have on the way. It's been an interesting weekend, spending time with Emily and helping her set up her beautiful new Dell Laptop, and seeing what's interesting about that and getting her the right kind of software...makes me want to get one of those laptops for myself...I kind of decided that my next computer will be a good laptop, but I dunno-that requires money, I need a new harddrive first...but then again, I need money first.

Hey, anyone want some nachos? I'll bring the everything as long as you bring the american cheese. We'll have a party, watch some anime and make something to eat. Drop me a line and we'll hang out, have a good time, ya the meantime, I'll see about getting some sleep and being energized enough for it. Sheesh, there just aren't enough hours in the day, to be honest. When I'm energized, everyone else is sleepy, when I'm sleepy everyone else is ready to party, who knows what the deal is, but I'll be damned if I start following a normal schedule. ;) Anyway, I think my mind has been relatively devoid of really deep inspirational thought, so I think I'll leave things be, especially because I don't want to talk too much and wind up saying something stupid. But if you really want in my head, check out Osirus and you can follow my most random patterns of thought...especially since when I feel really off and want to say something and I've already updated here, I might shoot off an email. Enjoy!